Clearing: A Magic Eraser for Your Gunk

Compassionate Clearing

We all have the potential magic for unbridled joy, love, compassion and peace. Often, our brilliance has been dulled by life experiences, and we forget how amazing we are. Through Compassionate Clearing, Dr. Robin Heart Shepperd can clear the gunk and begin (or hasten) your process of transformation.


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Compassionate Clearing refers to energy psychology work that clears a person’s distorted internal wiring in order to free her or him of negative programming. Once freed, the awakening begins and the individual radiates a true beauty and unique essence. A higher consciousness emerges with more satisfactory relationships, prosperity, and gratitude for one’s abundance.

Energy Psychology (Energy Clearings)

Energy clearings from an intuitive, well-trained facilitator are a fast, effective way to remove both conscious and unconscious patterns that keep us stuck in old ways of relating to the world. Compassionate Clearings can lead us to personal freedom and spiritual awakenings.

Over the years, *Dr. Robin Heart Shepperd has studied extensively a variety of powerful energy psychology techniques to assist in transformation. Her clients have experienced success removing stuck issues with:

  • relationships – finding a good one, smoothing out a current one, or exiting a bad one
  • pain – both emotional and physical
  • money and finances
  • job, career
  • family issues
  • sex
  • anger and guilt transformation
  • entities (including ghosts, tricksters, and negative energies)
  • health
  • past life issues
  • inherited emotions

These clearings include clear intention, verbal processes, body tapping, pendulum and dowsing. Energy clearings may be done in person and on the phone.

*Please note – Dr. Robin is not a Psychotherapist.

Other Offerings

(lncluded in clearings as needed)

Past Life Clearings – For those who are having issues that don’t relate to this lifetime.

Tarot readings – When a client is overwhelmed with worry about the future, or having difficulty making a decision due to upcoming choices.

Entity Clearings – Entities can be humans that have died and are interfering with the energy of a person, place or animal. They might just be a collection of similar energies. They are parasitic and can be found living off a human’s energy field or hanging out in the ethers. Done only in conjunction with clearings.

Chakra Clearings – For better physical balance. Calling in powerful beings such as your guides, angels, and ancestors to help in obtaining desired results. Suggested assignments for work with personal issues at home.

In addition, Dr. Robin is a retired holistic chiropractor who may be able to help with nutritional suggestions and ideas for more energy.

Humans have so many different issues, and each session calls forth her intuitive skills to move a client forward to achieve personal goals.

Clearings may be done in person, on the phone or with Zoom.

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