Every person who gets a little more consciousness is contributing each time to the general population as well as themselves. I feel honored to work with clients in furthering their transformation. – RHS

“I’m handling my day-to-day activities and stress with a greater level of calmness. I feel so light, and the feeling stays with me. I’ve always been an outgoing, friendly person but it seems that wherever I go now, people want to talk to me and be in my energy I know I’m in the right place at the right time doing the right thing. I tell others, “Don’t take my word. Try her clearing for yourself. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

– Lauren Johnston O’Connell
Resonance Repatterning Practitioner and Life-Spotter Coach

“Your gifts and skills are helping me to live life more fully and joyfully.  I am very grateful. I’m feeling especially at ease. There’s a lot more work to do, but ideas and words are flowing again, which I haven’t felt in years, my roommate and I are getting along, and some other anxiety related problems I hadn’t even mentioned are gone, too. Really looking forward to our next session.”

– Brea Davies

“I slept like a rock!!!!. No sore spot in my pit anymore, so thanks! :)

– Melody

“After my first clearing with you, I have felt calmer about my relationship with my husband and excited about a lot of possibilities for the first time in a while. As far as my dad, I do feel lighter, as if there isn’t this horrible weight on me anymore.”

– Thanks again,

“Unbelievable, but ever since you helped me clear the energy around the break-in at my house and subsequent theft of my car, I’ve been just fine at the house – like it used to be. And I got upgraded stuff – including a 46 inch TV, which is mounted on the wall so it looks like a movie theatre!!! I also got a better car. I’m doing GREAT!”

– Danny Becker, Bookkeeper

“Some good news…I have taught two classes since I saw you last and made an excellent profit!!! It was a lot of work, but the classes were very successful and empowering. The money energy clearing really did something to open my flow of money. Also, I was barely nervous before each class whereas before, I was really darn nervous.”

Amanda Love

After just the first clearing, I felt an immediate relief. You have helped me enormously with facing and lowering my anxiety, as well as clearing past negative energies that I didn’t expect to come up. I am so grateful to have started this work young (age 19), so that I can I feel lighter and excited about the future, not terrified.Thank you!

– Rose Copeland

“Since your clearing, I feel so much more centered, grounded, and in the moment. The constant “second-guessing” that went on constantly in my head has stopped. Before that, if I did something as ordinary as buying chicken for dinner, I would have voices in my head telling me I could have had beef or I could have gotten it cheaper somewhere else. No decision I made was ever completely right. Thanks!”

– Love, 
Jane Mitchell
Teacher, Houston

“I feel better overall in the apartment, and I’m sleeping better too. I’m feeling better when I wake up. I just feel overall better.

I do think I need to do more work about M – I like your idea about writing the letters to M to help clear out all of my concerns and true feelings.”

– Shirley Heitzman

My heart overflows with gratitude to you for the Pain and Suffering Surrogate clearing. Now I can share compassion with others without taking on the responsibility of their pain and suffering. This is a clearing I’ve needed for a long time.
 Thanks again.

– Belinda Hart,
North Lake Travis-Austin

“I have so much more freedom in my life after doing clearing work with Robin. It was as if I was tethered to a ball and chain and didn’t even know it. 
After each session, I drive away saying, “Woo, hoo! I’m free!” I didn’t even realize the lack of freedom I had. To me, the freedom that Robin’s work facilitates is limitless!

– Kathryn Weldon

“I am feeling much calmer since my clearing session with you. Our apartment feels much more like home, too, now that you cleared entities out. Jim was really impressed with what was revealed about our past lives in my session as well. I had never told him or anyone about my worry over him dying young and I feel much more at ease now.

Fiona slept much, much better last night. Such a huge difference! I am sure both our little girls are enjoying their sleep now without the entity scaring them all night.

Fiona has never really let Jim (her daddy) hold her too much without crying. After Jim had his clearing, both kids, especially Fiona, are much more at ease with him. She crawled over to him and sat in his lap snuggling for 30 minutes while I got ready this morning! We were both amazed! It was so sweet to see. Abhi has also been less precocious with him too and gave him a big hug and kiss before we left this morning.”

– Mary McKay, engineer

“I was embroiled with legal problems, and exhausted and frazzled. Your session just put me back to life.

Lisa Marshall

“Dad is doing really well. Your session with him definitely helped. I believe that my session also helped a great deal and I had a big breakthrough in my trading on Friday.”

– Danny Attridge

“Remember how we cleared 44 lifetimes with my Dad and all the curses, contracts, etc.?  Well, on Wednesday, I got a letter from him.  It was a bit annoying in many respects, but considering that he hasn’t spoken to me in eight months, I’d say that is surprising.

Today my mind has been really quiet. I’m noticing that I am more able to be present with people, even distressed people, and not get so much noise going through my head.  Lots of love just pouring out. 

 Meiliki Maroney
Artist, Michigan

“When Dr. Robin introduced Emotion Code Clearings to her work, it was time to consider taking my Heart Wall down.  She found trapped emotions that were creating this fiery wall around my heart.  Some were recent; more were from my previous marriage, as well as emotions trapped from my parents, and before I was born.  My health and healing went up to the next level. A theme of “unworthiness” seemed to surface. I was in the family situation that wasn’t working for me, with my mother-in-law moving in with us.

As I cleared my heart wall, I got more clarity about what I wanted for myself and how I wanted to live.  I felt worthy of having a peaceful life and gained confidence in asking for my needs to be met.  At the same time, professionally, I was attracting more money and keeping it, tending to my needs to leave the relationship and start fresh.

Both my husband and his mother-very intuitive people-knew something was different about me the evening I walked in after the final clearing on my Heart Wall.  He took a look and me and said, “She’s opened her heart.”  I opened my heart to me!  It took less than a month for the way to be cleared to leave a very dysfunctional family system.”

– Charlotte Senseney Sternkind


“I’m not picking up people’s distress in public like I always was before. The Universal Surrogate clearing you did was very powerful, and something I’ve needed for a very long time. I am noticing much less stress when I’m out in the world.”

– Jade Beaty


“Dear Robin, 

Thank you for helping to relieve the ‘unsettling energy’ in the house I had for sale. When I approached my Seller to receive an energy clearing at this place, he was skeptical but receptive since it had been on the market for over 3 months.

The Seller had totally renovated the property with all new appliances, carpet, paint, fixtures, etc. We were stumped as to why it had not sold.

While you visited the property, you said you could feel that there had been domestic violence at this home. After you did the clearing, I spoke with a neighbor who confirmed your intuition that there had, indeed, been domestic violence with the previous tenants! You also said that it would sell within 6 weeks of the clearing and it DID!

Thanks for all your help and guidance,

– Carrie York, real estate broker
Austin, Texas

An interesting thing happened when I got home from the clearing–I had let my dog out to the backyard and when he was ready to come in, a little snake came in as well. I’m not afraid of snakes, but knew I wouldn’t sleep well with him inside…  so, I was able to convince him he was better off outside.

Being a believer in messages and signs, I looked up Snake totem and found this description: “Snakes represent transformation and healing. If a snake has come into your life, your creative forces are awakening.” Pretty powerful stuff–I really resonate with what it says.

– In gratitude, 
Anastasia Fabing

“My fear of flying is still there but it’s not enough to stop me from getting on a plane, which I have done twice since our session. 🙂 Thanks!”

– Courtney Titus

“Even though our sessions were by telephone, and we live far apart, I could feel energy moving — sometimes a lot — with each issue you cleared. Since then I’ve noticed the anxiety and fear I had about doing artwork is far less, and I’m more productive in general. I’m also feeling quite content to be on my own at this point.

The biggest miracle was with my family: at Christmastime, out of the blue, and after years of near-estrangement, my brother called and offered to come and pick me up to have lunch with the family. This meant hours of travel for him. It was amazing and wonderful, as I hadn’t seen any of them for years. I can only attribute it to the work you did, clearing past issues with family members. Thank you, Robin!”

– Tirtha Lightly

“Thanks again for the clearing regarding the issues between my son and his teacher. It really helped. We all agreed on the primary issue, and we’re going to work together to get past the hump before he has to start Primary. 
It’s amazing how stuff that seems so esoteric can have such concrete results. Just saying.

– Thanks,
 Cindi Hogarth, Engineer

“I had a bad feeling about deploying to Iraq, and there was a lot of stress in my life. After my clearing session with Robin, I haven’t had a single bad feeling when I think about Iraq and I’m much more comfortable around my family. I can’t tell you how awesome it is to feel open and relaxed with my family instead of tense and stressed. My spirit feels lighter and I sleep like a dream. Thank you, Robin, for working with me. I feel amazing.”

– Jessie Dawson

It is amazing how, after your boogie busting class, the energy of my home had changed. I did all the clearings… the good energy is coming back now.”

– Billie Jean Parker

“I began graduate school this semester. I was having test anxiety so bad I was constantly nauseous, loosing weight (20 pounds) and couldn’t sleep well. After just one session with Robin, I moved through the next test with only a little nervousness, and I made 108 on the test!”

– Priscilla Hutson

“Thank you for the clearing.  As usual, all of your knowledge was “right  on”.  I arrived in Fort Worth and I could tell the difference in the atmosphere of the house but, more importantly, I could tell that the clearing had made a difference in my relationship with my new husband.  The way I describe your work in my life is that you pull out every tool you have and do not stop until there are answers and results.  I find you to be the most sincere and hard working counselor that I have ever sought help from.  I attribute my newly found and wonderful life to your work and stunning guidance.  I thank God for his kind gift and then I thank you for leading me in the right direction.”

– Sylvia Gillean

“I had a great night sleep and woke up for the first time in a very long time rested and clear.  I thought to myself, I want more of that!  It made a big difference in my attitude.  Let me know when we can meet again!”

– Sylvia Villejo

You are an awesome woman and I know it’s no mistake we have crossed paths.
After your help in dealing with my daughter’s passing, I feel very blessed to have met you.

– Donna Hutchins, 
Office Manager

“After your clearing, I awoke refreshed (which is rare) and I feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. My neck and back aren’t hurting as much. 
You know when you are so mad at someone, how you constantly have stuff you want to say to them? It’s an almost uncontrollable type behavior. Since your clearing, I have stopped having *conversations in my head* with the former friend. Thanks again! Blessings!

– Susan J. DuBose >^..^<

After years of emotional separation from one another, my husband’s and my relationship operates out of joy now. We have been taking much needed time with each other and we’ve been playful. I appreciate the clearings you did with me to accomplish that.”

– Kathy S

”About an hour or so after you cleared me, I felt so free. I was driving home and I burst into tears realizing that I was finally done with the relationship. Finally got it right in this lifetime.”

– Shirley Johnson, musician

“The clearings have greatly reduced the acid reflux and tightness in my chest that arise with my anxiety.

Another thing that I notice is that during sex, I am now allowing my orgasms to flow instead of forcing them. Yea!

 And, last but not least, I have more awareness that I am not locked into anything – I have the ability to be at choice. What a relief!


– Anonymous

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