Dealing with Holiday Insanity

During the holiday season, stress-driven, poor behavior will likely be exhibited by yourself and others. This behavior probably wouldn’t happen any other time of the year. I’ve got ideas for dealing with hostile drivers and overeating. Yea!

Snarly Drivers 

Let them into your lane, slow down, and don’t honk. Remember that they are also under a huge amount of pressure during the holidays, and clearly, they have less self-restraint than you do. Think of them this way: They likely have the mother-in-law from hell coming soon. They have often overspent to please others and left themselves in a mess of credit card interest rates to deal with in the coming year.

Office Mates

Office mates are acting crazy with the stress. Just breathe deep and say silently, “Bless you, my child!” It will feel better inside, I guarantee, and you will likely giggle as you say it. It can even affect them on the unconscious level, and perhaps help them to lighten up. Saying the Ho’Opona pona prayer (Link) can also help.


Understand that on a primitive level, once it begins to get cold, we are hardwired to eat as much as we can when food is available so we don’t starve over the winter. We’re also hardwired to eat sweet things, the hardest thing to find in the distant past. Stay conscious of the dangers of an overladen food table at holiday gatherings. Best to get a small plate and fill it with your finest choices, then MOVE AWAY and stay away from the table. Nibble consciously. Don’t gobble.

Wishing you a happy holiday!


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