Feeling Good

Are You Different?

In my life, I have been called strange, weirdo, maverick, really different (with the emphasis on really), and other adjectives and nouns to point out my not-so-normal self. It’s true that my thoughts are often different than the general population. I have dealt with the unfortunate habit of speaking those non-conformist thoughts out loud (Sagittarius  …

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Happiness is Easy

This month, I’m going to share an easy way to invoke happiness. Dr. Joe Dispenza, well-known chiropractor and metaphysical teacher, explains that, while we are wired for self-preservation, we are also wired to be kind. Being kind helps to create community, without which humans would not have survived. He states that when we display kindness …

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Are You an Empath?

Empath: noun – a person with the ability to feel and take on the emotions and physical sensations of others, most often without conscious thought. That is to say that s/he may begin to experience feelings with no known origin that actually belong to someone else. The unpleasant energies currently engulfing the U.S. are daunting. …

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