Emotion Code

The Emotion Code

All I can say is, “Wow!” This stuff is fast and easy.” For four months, I had sharp foot pains shooting through at odd times. With just two trapped emotions cleared (it took about 5-10 minutes), the pain was gone. I mean GONE. I had a chiropractic client with lingering intense low back pain. He […]

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The Heart Wall

Your heart generates 60 to 1000 times more power and electromagnetic energy than your brain, easily making it the most powerful organ in your body.   Your heart is the core of your being, the core of who you really are… The heart has its own unique intelligence. It can think, feel and remember.    

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Muscle Testing

Muscle testing has always intrigued me. When I first experienced it in 1973, it was through a chiropractor who, I had been told, worked miracles with his clients. Indeed, with his muscle testing, he quickly ascertained that the constant tiredness and dark circles under my eyes reflected a digestive issue, and found the appropriate supplements

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