Moments of Synchronicity

Have you run into a friend in a grocery store, or in an airport in a different city, coming around a corner at the exact moment in time to intersect with you? Had you brushed your teeth 10 seconds longer, or stopped at another red light, you would not have run into each other. These are not coincidences, but examples of universal intelligence – synchronicity – that moves through the cosmos and through each one of us.

The people you are destined to meet and the situations you encounter will always appear at the right time. Be grateful for each encounter, for it is sacred. But also be ready for what is presented to you.

  • Stay alert to what looks like a coincidence. It likely isn’t.
  • Set your intention firmly to experience more synchronicity and get ready to see when it shows up.

You are always in the right place at the right time, with the right people. Each moment has been specifically designed to move you further along on the path of evolution. Be grateful for the universal plan that is working in your life and be ready for miracles that synchronicity brings.

Robin Heart Shepperd, D.C.

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