Lifetimes Upon Lifetimes of Bad Sex

Recently, I was clearing a client I’ll call Jane. She has had a history of sexual issues. Although her first sexual relationship was a positive one she enjoyed, subsequent ones were not. One husband turned out to be a sex addict and gay, and the other was impotent. Not surprisingly, Jane also reported a history of sexual assaults and workplace harassments.

While we could look into her childhood to ferret out a history that would subsequently attract adult issues (the law of attraction), it intuitively occurred to me that she was born into this lifetime carrying this load. So I asked her if we could use Emotion Code to find past life answers. She agreed, and we uncovered some very surprising lifetimes.

For those of you who have experienced Emotion Code clearings, you know that I use the process of elimination on a list of 60 emotions. The answers revealed were:

  • Taken for granted – 1700s. Was a slave, used as a breeder
  • Helplessness -1600s. Was a choirboy in France
  • Panic – 1400s – Forced marriage in Italy

Now, discovering those past lives (through muscle testing), while distasteful, wouldn’t be surprising or unusual. What followed was startling, as Jane returned the next week to reveal her discovery.

Jane frequently does an exercise of writing with her non-dominant hand when she wants information from her unconscious self. She sits quietly and clears her mind, then asks a question. Her non-dominant hand begins to tell her information otherwise buried. This time, it was shocking.

She reported to me that she was a young French choirboy in the 1700s. Her writing revealed that the choirmaster (CM) had jumped off the bell tower to his death, and the boy was happy about that. The CM had sodomized him often, saying that he (the CM) was full of the devil, and he was giving the devil to the boy. Then he would spank or beat the child to get the devil out. Now, (assuming that the boy’s voice was changing and he couldn’t be choirboy any longer), the boy was being expected to explain the repulsive procedure to an incoming choirboy, who must understand that it was part of the job, and that he would not be allowed to stay at the church if he didn’t comply and didn’t keep his mouth shut. (Perhaps the boy would eat better if housed at the church. Perhaps he was an orphan. Jane didn’t know.)

What a horrific imprint to carry through 300 years. It left some kind of icky residue to clear. Clearing the helplessness from Jane took longer than average and felt like sludge in my body.

In the 1400s lifetime, Jane said that she was forced to marry a stranger, but she was in love with a childhood neighbor. She was especially panicked that she would have to copulate with him. This lifetime had a happier ending, as she noted that, later on, she learned to love him. Still the panic about sex had imprinted her.

While we didn’t go into the slavery lifetime (other than the overriding feeling of being taken for granted), I’m sure that we would have much to clear. Who can imagine the horror of having one’s children taken away and sold at a young age?

With the techniques we have available to us in the 21st century, it behooves us to work on not only this lifetime’s pain and suffering, but also to release programs from lifetimes past. For instance, what if Jane runs into the choirmaster in this lifetime or next? With clearing, she doesn’t have to be uncomfortable around him or fantasize about hurting him without having a clue why she dislikes him. It also frees her up sexually for a better relationship next time. Yahoo!

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