Don’t Survive Financially – Thrive

As prices escalate, and people are feeling the crunch, many are contracting and becoming fearful about their money. That’s unpleasant, but it doesn’t have to be that way for you. We all know there are those who make money ethically during down times.

Are you buying into fear about your finances? Fear is a powerful, blocking emotion that prevents us all from moving forward. You may not realize this unless you take time to listen to the riff raff that runs through your mind.

To a large extent, your thoughts create your reality. With some work around consciousness, you can be more successful in increasing personal wealth and prosperity.  This is the time to be proactive.  Assess what’s stopping you. Observe the inner voice that derails you and change it to create more of what you want,

“While we may not be able to control all that happens outside of us, we can control what happens inside us.”  – Benjamin Franklin

Franklin’s statement may feel like “the impossible dream” – controlling our mind chatter – but it’s not. Yes, easy to say; harder to put into practice. Yet, there are many tools available. For example:

When I was still practicing chiropractic, one of my long time patients came in to see me. She used to fidget and talk excessively. She was constantly picking at and correcting her little girl, who wasn’t doing anything wrong. This disturbed me and I asked her not to do it anymore.

One day, she came in for an appointment and was relaxed and easy with her daughter.  Curious, I asked what was different in her life. She explained that she had read she could be self-observant and, when worrisome thoughts arose, she could tell those thoughts to go away. She tried it, and it took lots of practice, but it worked.

Wow! Try that for yourself. You have the power to relieve yourself from poverty thoughts such as “I can never get ahead.” “I can never make enough money.” “Every time I get ahead, something blows up that costs me money.” “They’ll never give me that promotion.”

Say, “Go away! You’re not the truth.” Then replace it with things like:

“How did I get to be so lucky?”

“I know this will work. Things always go right for me. This or something better”

“I’m a magnet for money.”

Don’t just survive financially. Thrive!

If you don’t get the relief you desire, and you’d like help in creating more clarity to direct your mind and for more prosperity in your life, receiving a Compassionate Clearing session could be just the thing for you. Call 512-444-9777 for your appointment.

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