Do You Cherish or Hate Valentine’s Day?

valentineantiqueI love Valentine’s Day! I have always adored hearts, and it goes without saying that I delight in valentines. Valentine’s Day, the day of a joyful expression of love, resonates with me.

While Valentine’s Day began with St. Valentine, a Catholic monk in the 3rd century, it didn’t become associated with romantic love until the 11th or 12th century, when courtly love became fashionable. It wasn’t until the 18th century that it evolved into a day where men presented flowers, offered confections, and sent greeting cards. Now, with corporate America gobbling every cent possible, Valentine’s Day has become big money, conjuring billions of dollars annually.

However, for many single women and some men, it can underscore that they are alone, without that desired partner. If this is you, then don’t take it lying down. Jump up, I say!

Think of others. Bake a chocolate cake for that widow or widower who is acutely aware of the loss of her or his loved one, and deliver it on Valentine’s Day. Send pretty valentines to those who are alone. (I send them to my inmate pen pals, widows and widowers, and elderly friends.) Dollar Store sells nice ones for a dollar. Have a little party with your friends where everyone brings her or his favorite chocolate dish to share. The point is that there are many folks available to lavish with love who would blossom with your creativity and compassion.

Gift yourself with a lovely massage or bubble bath with soft music. Better yet, if you are still alone, and don’t want to be, a valuable, lasting gift to yourself would be a Compassionate Clearing session to remove blocks that prevent you from having the love of your life.  512-444-9777

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