Eeks! Do You Have an Entity (Or two or three)?

It seems strange to me. Some people believe in unseen angels and/or spirit guides who are with us, but refuse to believe in unseen entities who aren’t looking out for our best interest. I assure you that they do exist, and can cause a lot of issues for folks. In my experience, most folks who have not been cleared are affected to some degree. I call them entities, boogies, hitch hikers, and inter-dimensional riff raff.

When I begin doing clearing sessions on someone, I almost always clear entities first, as it helps with the rest of the clearing. Entities stuck to the body or energy field can cause psychic interference for the clearing.

Often, people ask me to explain what an entity is. In its most basic description, an entity is an unseen being in non-material or non-corporeal form that resides here on earth. It has the properties of having a real existence. It may be conscious, and it may not. It may or may not have negative or malicious intentions. It may or may not attach to a human.

The highest form would be ghosts or lost souls, as I call them. Those are people who have died and then decided, for a variety of reasons, to stay here on the earth plane. Many souls stay here for a while after their death to comfort loved ones, and that is normal. But others stick around long after they should be exploring their next level of soul development. They may roam freely or may choose to attach to a living human being or animal. They may know and love the one to whom they attach, or not.

Why do they stay? In my experience, the most prevalent reason lost souls cling to this plane is because they believe they have committed some unforgivable sin and, if they let go, will be punished in hell. Sometimes, lost souls stay around to protect a grandchild or other loved one. Sometimes, they are deeply committed to a place, and think they must stay as caretakers of the land or property. Then, some attach to a family member to “help” direct their lives. The other end of that spectrum is that deceased alcoholics tend to attach to living alcoholics, deceased drug addicts to living addicts, and sex addicts do the same so that they may continue to get their fix. I believe it’s why it can be harder to move past the addiction.

Considering the Natural Laws of the Universe, it is a setback for people to remain here after death. It is important to head out to the next existence to meet with their guides for their new direction. The soul was meant to progress, not to get stuck in matter.

A more prevalent entity is the trickster (aka coyote or prankster). Tricksters are semi-conscious and anchor themselves onto a body or energy field of someone who meets their requirements.  Several attributes in a human attract them. Tricksters tend to love drama, as drama creates copious frenetic energy. Yum, yum, gobble, gobble. They like physically ill people, whose auric fields are weak and easy to enter, so hospitals and nursing homes are rife with them. They are attracted to habitually angry people. They agitate people to be in discord so the conflict continues.

Then, there are many other kinds of hitch hikers. Some are mindless ninnies, some are created as thought forms when a certain vindictive, angry, or obsessive thought is expressed on a daily basis. While some mean you no harm, they are still interfering with your energy field. They can make you tired, grumpy, and confused.

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