Tapping Protocol for Family Issues

First, choose a number of how strong your upset is on a scale of 1-10. Write it down so you may remember it.

Anger with Another

Side of hand: Even though sometimes I feel so overwhelmed with hatred for certain people or situations, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I really hate her/him/them, and s/he brings up so much anger within me, I deeply and completely forgive and honor myself.

Even though just thinking about her/him seriously aggravates me, I know I can let this go.

Top of head: Sometimes I would like to smother her/him.

Top of eyebrow: I just hate her/him so much

Side of eye: For some reason s/he just makes me so angry

Under eye: S/he presses my buttons

Under nose: S/he knows just how to make me angry

Chin: And I find myself being this angry person

Collarbone: I even resent that I feel so angry

Under arm: S/he really irritates me.

Top of head: What an obnoxious person.

Do another round. As you tap, continue to say whatever comes up for you, no matter how unpleasant. Check back on your number and see if it has come down. Continue tapping on your upset until the number is lower.

Then, do a positive round:

Even though ______ (so and so) makes me so angry, I’m choosing to look at why this is so.

Even though I’m feeling all this hatred, I’m choosing to look at this as a gift that will show me a path for growth.

Even though I have this anger, I’m choosing to  accept it and move on to a higher understanding.

Top of head: S/he is just reminding me of something within me.

Top of eyebrow: Wow, that hit a nerve and I wonder why…

Side of eye: Maybe it is worth exploring why I’m reacting so badly.

Under eye: It is hard to face those parts within me.

Under nose: I’d rather not admit that I have a problem here.

Chin: Easier to pin this on someone else.

Collarbone: I’m choosing to work on this issue.

Under arm: I’m choosing to love and accept her/him and myself and all our flaws.

Top of head: I’m strong, and I’m moving on with my life, letting go of my anger.

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