Eeks! The Holiday Season is Here!

As everyone knows, the holiday season can be emotionally challenging. In the past, I have addressed holiday issues such as overeating, dysfunctional families and over-stimulation insanity. Those are all definite issues for some, and you can read my articles regarding them here.

However, what if our families are far away, and we are carefully avoiding food tables laden with sugared treats and alcohol? We still have hurdles! Those usually-polite drivers can turn into maniacs during this time. Patient people can turn extremely aggressive.  Deliveries can be delayed.  Appointments can be overbooked or overlooked.

For the empaths, picking up stress from other people can be intense. It’s good for you to stay out of the fray as much as possible. Also, it’s useful to put up your shields before going out each day.

For everybody else, here is some help:

  1. Try practicing a little kindness to those who are insufferable. Remember that they may not have the skills you have in self-care, patience, or compassion.
  2. Let thankless drivers who cut in front of you go without the inner anger you could energetically spew. After all, what does it matter in the long run? In the end, you will still have your dignity and they will likely still be asses.
  3. Send a little love out from your heart to those who appear unhappy. I visualize golden light coming through the top of my head, out of my heart and into their hearts. It helps – both them and me.
  4. Check into your body several times per day. If it feels stressed, stop and breathe. Say to yourself, “I’m okay. Precious body, you can settle down now. Be at peace.”
  5. Rescue Remedy is a great homeopathic remedy (translation: non-toxic) – pick some up where health foods are sold and put a drop under your tongue when things become overwhelming.
  6. Use EFT tapping to reduce stress. If you have forgotten, or don’t know how, read up on it here.

If the stress levels get too high, then call me for an appointment. 512-444-9777

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