Your Body is Listening

Researchers have discovered that our organs store a high level of information that is specific to our lives. Our innate intelligence is not limited to our brain, but courses throughout our body. In my former life as a chiropractor, I discussed this phenomena with patients on a regular basis. As an energy psychologist, I have also talked about this with clients. The energy psychology modality of Emotion Code is totally devoted to the premise that our bodies store our emotions, and we will feel more free when those unpleasant ones are removed.

Perhaps you have heard the startling story a few years back of the young girl who received a heart transplant from another girl who had been murdered. The recipient girl began to have nightmares and flashbacks of being murdered herself. These incidences became so detailed and vivid that her mother told the police about it. From that information, the police were able to locate and prosecute the murderer of the child. Sounds like science fiction, but it is a true story.

Researchers like Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., Joe Dispenza, D.C., Gregg Braden, and Drunvelo Melchizedek have learned that both our conscious and unconscious thoughts can impress on our bodies and DNA. Negative thoughts and beliefs assist in the process of bodily destruction. Positive thoughts of love can create miracles in our bodies.

Our bodies are just like any other person with whom we are having a conversation. Most all of us respond to love, appreciation, kindness, forgiveness and gratitude. These qualities forge friendly and loving relationships, and generally result in positive outcomes.

“Peptides and other biochemicals carry the messages of our thoughts and our emotions everywhere, perception affects behavior and behavior changes the very physicality of our brain and body, memories from our life experiences are stored in the organs and in our fascia…”

– Dr. Miles Reid, former student of Carlos Castaneda

Miles, Reid, MD, one of Castaneda’s personal students, reported that he frequently saw Carlos stroking the skin over his liver and telling it how much he appreciated all the many detoxifying functions it handled with great skill. I just love that!

I encourage you to create a loving conversation with your body. But, how? You could start with saying out loud, “Body, I love you! You work so hard for me, and perform so many functions to keep me going. Thank you.” Do this daily.

Then remember:  You are talking to conscious cells who experience emotions. Tell your body or body part that you want to cooperate with it to overcome any ailment. Never, ever curse your hurting or dysfunctional body or body part. For instance, it can be tempting to blame the part. When you stub your toe, touch it and say, “Beloved toe, I am so sorry I injured you. Thanks for reminding me to be more careful. Please heal fast.”

Another example:  For weight loss, try this. Tell your body how much you appreciate it, and that now, you would like for it to weigh x amount of pounds. Be specific about the weight you desire to be. Keep talking to it daily, and thanking it.

“Once you start communicating with your body, things become very easy. The body need not be forced; it can be persuaded. One need not to fight with the body – that’s ugly, violent, aggressive, and any sort of conflict is going to create more and more tension. So you need not be in conflict – let comfort be the rule.”

– Osho

The human body is made of 11 important organ systems, including the circulatory, respiratory, digestive, excretory, nervous, endocrine, immune, integumentary, skeletal, muscle and reproductive systems. This totals 78 organs. The liver, the super achiever in the body performs over 500 functions, such as production of bile to break down fats, production of certain proteins for blood plasma, enzyme activation, and storage of glycogen, vitamins, and minerals. If you did nothing else, thanking your liver daily would work wonders.

Next, stop claiming illnesses. I often hear others say, “Oh, my allergies are bad today.” Remember: your body is listening. Instead, if you must say anything about that dripping nose and runny eyes, try something like, “The pollen is out today, and my body is working studiously to overcome it.” OR “This reaction is just temporary as my body works to stabilize itself from whatever is in the air.” I know that changing mental habits and attitudes can be challenging. Just be creative and come up with answers that exclude claiming an injury or illness. Your body will thank you for that by expressing improved health.

Please share your success stories with me!

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