Energy Vampires

Energy vampires – we have all known at least one person who has walked up, inserted a straw into our brains and sucked the energy out. You know who I’m talking about – the guy (or gal) who can drain you, and make you want to run away, screaming. Or they may be insidious, and it takes you a while to realize where the issue is coming from.

When people talk about energy vampires, they are seeing either one or another of two different types:

  1. The obnoxious ones who tire you out through their personality distortions with constant whining and complaining, ongoing gossiping, or being particularly negative as a lifestyle.
  2. The scary ones (stealth energy thieves) who actually dine on your energy field by psychically stealing from it.

Obviously, the obnoxious ones can be a bummer to handle. For the non-stop complainers and haranguers, it can be a challenge, but after you have evaluated what’s more important – your sanity or their feelings, it may be easy. Say to them, “Wow! Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?” Then say it each time they start again. Or, say, “Now tell me something positive”.

If you have to get tough, say, “You know, you just wear me out with your complaining, and I’m going to have to take a break from you. Sorry if that offends you, but you are offending me.” You have to be willing to lose their friendship to save your sanity and your peace of mind.

However, the true energy vampires, the stealth energy thieves, are another matter entirely. They are ominous to your state of health because it’s hard to pinpoint where they are “breaking and entering” and, often, you don’t realize it is happening until later. Most residents in the U.S. have no context for this kind of behavior.

Dion Fortune, in her book Psychic Self Defense, first published in 1930, states that she believes this behavior is what created the vampire in literature. It makes sense to me. Bottom line is that I have no idea what makes for an energy vampire; just that they are real.

These parasites are often found in large gatherings. There is more energy to gobble up. (Ever noticed that sometimes after being in a crowd you feel tired?) However, energy vampires may also attend small dinner parties or hang out in bars. They may work in large offices. The common factor here is that you feel tired for no particular reason after being with them. And, of course, if you confront them, they will be in complete denial of any wrongdoing and likely indignant of the suggestion.

For the easy cases where you get a one-time hit, your best remedy is to take as soon as possible the homeopathic Bach Flower Remedy called Rescue Remedy, found in health food stores. Or you can sit on the ground next to a tree for grounding. Both techniques work for re-balancing energy stolen by energy vampires. Also, just having a strong immune system is useful. Staying upbeat is important, as it’s easier for them to feed on the weak.

If you are aware that someone is feasting off your energy, or even before you go into a crowd, you can create a protective wall. Take a few moments to visualize a glass dome over you. Breathe into that “structure” and make it nice and strong. Ask for help from your angels and spirit guides to keep it powerful and keep you protected. The vampire will look for easier pickings elsewhere.

For difficult cases, or when vampirism is a regular event by someone you know, get rid of them. If you can’t get rid of them, it is time to call an expert for help. I am experienced in this kind of work and will be glad to be of assistance.  For your appointment, dr.robin@compassionateclearing or 512-444-9777

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