Everybody Loves a Lover

Fall in Love Today


Everybody Loves a Lover

Everybody loves a lover
I’m a lover,
Everybody loves me
Anyhow, that’s how I feel


Remember that song from “way back when”, sung by Doris Day, the Shirelles, Peaches and Herb, and others? Maybe not, but the energy of love and how it can help us feel better is no secret.

I’m not going to discuss romance this month. This is about creatively making use of the energy and vibration of love.

I’d like to suggest something new to consider: decide to fall in love with some part or object of your life. This could be your partner, your animal companion(s), your garden, a beloved book, cooking, favorite hobby or even yourself.

Think about what happens when we “fall” in love. Our bodies are flooded with wonderful “feel-good” chemicals and everything looks positive. Things don’t bother us like they might at another time. We give others the benefit of a doubt, traffic jams don’t faze us, and magic happens.

If we apply the same excited energy to our lives in present time, we can substantially upgrade our health and attitude while attracting to us fun, abundance and joy.

Who’s the most popular personality?
I can’t help thinking it’s no one else but me.
Gee, I feel just about 10 feet tall.
Having a ball… 

I can remember when my marriage was falling apart. I was distressed that our upcoming trip to Ireland might disintegrate before my eyes. A wise friend said, “Look, you need to just remember the reasons you fell in love with him, and decide to hang onto that feeling for the whole time you are in Ireland. It will make all the difference.” And she was right. It did. We had a fabulous vacation in my favorite country.

These days, I’m in love with my new home. It gives me great pleasure in putting it together in a creative way. I’m in love with my garden. I’m in love with my kitties.

You get the idea. Don’t wait on a mate, or be sad about the one you have. I’ll bet you can find something or someone to fall in love with this very day. Ride that energy and raise your vibration to attract joy.

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