Clear the Energies in Your Home

smudging_feather_nwsltrWhy would you want or need to clear energy from your home? If you’ve ever moved into a house, duplex, apartment or other living space that didn’t feel comfortable to you, there is a high chance that you have negative energies, entities or misguided energies lodging there, unseen.

Sometimes, the discomfort is from a build up of angst of former tenants. Any time there is intense energy expelled such as domestic violence, protracted or frequent arguments, or repeated drug use in a closed area, you will find negative energy. It collects like stale cigarette smoke and clings to furniture, walls, drapes, carpet.

This energy may be recent, such as within the past 10-20 years, or it may be centuries old. It could have been there well before the residence was built. For instance, I recently went to a beautiful home near a river bed that had been the scene 300 years ago of a couple of massacres between Comanche and Apache Indians. The land was still “contaminated” with that energy. Also, there were two lost souls hanging out creating unease in the family. One spirit was a child, and the other a young mother, each from different times.

Other complications can occur when there is an energy portal allowing entities to pass through from other dimensions and other realities. The result can mean an ongoing influx of unpleasant experiences for those who dwell in that pathway. It happens more frequently than one would think.

There can also be a ley line running under the building. Ley lines, acknowledged in different cultures, are straight fault lines in the earth’s tectonic plate that can emanate disturbing energies. Native Americans called them spirit lines. The Welsh called them dragon lines. Australian aboriginals called them dream lines.

Often, people don’t even realize there is an energy issue. Many aren’t consciously sensitive to energy. Or perhaps they are, and just don’t know it. Those who are sensitive will feel the discomfort, though.

As a rule of thumb, whether or not you are sensitive, cleansing your new home before piling your belongings in just makes good sense. And if you have already settled in, you may still desire a clearing. You just need to first clear clutter that has gathered in corners and piled on top of things, as energies collect with that clutter.

Many residences are not that complicated to clear. I recommend you do a ritual:

Six items for ritual:

  1. Make a list of qualities you would like to have in your dwelling such as laughter, comfort, joy, security, understanding and compassion.
  2. Write a blessing for your place that you will also say at the end of the ritual. Express gratitude toward the home for whatever reasons you chose it i.e. sanctuary, close to work, nearby friends, good value financially, like the way it looks, etc.
  3. Useful but not absolutely necessary – bring a friend or family member or two along to assist with this.
  4. Drums or other noisemakers, such as tambourines, bells, clackers or even 2 wooden spoons hit together. In lieu of any of those items, just clap your hands. Walking through the residence making noise breaks up old, crusted energies.
  5. Something to smoke the air. I use camphor tablets (found here ) but they burn very hot, so care must be used. Many use smudge sticks of sage and/or cedar and/or sweet grass found in health food stores. Sandalwood incense may be used, also. Walk through the residence burning your chosen cleanser to make sure the smoke goes into each room, closet, and cabinet. (You can use a feather or even your hand to spread it around.
  6. Flowers to bring into the home after your cleansing is complete. Flowers bring a fresh, new energy into your place.
  7. Angel, spiritual symbol, or protective dragon to place over the doorway after you are done. Or you may request that your angels and guides find a threshold guardian to keep out unwanted others.

Begin ritual

I usually ask friends to lend their energy. Go through the house in a counter-clockwise direction chanting “Banish all fear, let only love enter here.” First round, use your noisemakers in each room. Second round, use your cleansing smoke. Third round, reverse directions and call out loudly your intentions for the place: Hope, happiness, laughter, love.

To complete

Once I am done, I read out loud my blessing upon my place and express my gratitude for the shelter. I state my intentions for the future. I bring flowers into the place and I hang my chosen protective symbol over the door.


It is also important to thank the place you are leaving and do a cleansing there so as not to leave your energies behind you. Just smoke it and say thank you.

Cleansing is not that complicated, and if you are sensitive to energies, you will notice a definite shift in the energy. However, if you are still feeling uncomfortable with your place, it’s likely you have a more complicated problem and may need to call in an expert.

I can do a distance evaluation on your home, and a distance clearing should you need further help.

Robin Heart Shepperd 512-444-9777 or

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