The 3 Fs of Relationship Roadblocks, part 2

This is a three part series on relationships. Although it is told from a heterosexual point of view, the same issues apply for the LGBT community.

 F#2 – Fatigue

Whether you have a relationship or are looking for a relationship, when you don’t have energy for it, fatigue rules, and you are out of luck. Relationships take time and energy, and they suffer for lack thereof. It’s common sense, and yet, being a constant theme in some lives, fatigue is often overlooked as an issue.

Occasionally, most everyone struggles with being overtired or overworked. However, when you frequently find yourself in a state of diminished physical and mental capacity, your psychological well-being is also impacted, and the quality of your relationship(s) suffer.

Why? Mental and physical fatigue create serious blocks in relationships because they cause a decreased level of consciousness. (We’ll return to this concept shortly.)

Chances are, you know what’s causing your fatigue, and you are resisting fixing the problem. It’s usually about lifestyle choices, habits and routines that are comfortable for you but are not good for you. You hold the power to put the vitality back into your life with use of your personal magic – your will.

However, if you don’t know what the issue is, it would be a good idea to head for your holistic practitioner for a check-up. Your fatigue could be the beginning of illness.

Take a quick inventory of things (excluding illness) that might be responsible for exhaustion:

  • Lack of enough sleep: This is a biggie. You need 7-8 hours sleep per night. It is not cool to brag about how little sleep you got last night.
  • Poor food choices (creating mineral and vitamin deficiencies, and food intolerances)
  • Lack of regular exercise
  • Depression/grief/anxiety –  Compassionate Clearing sessions could help with that
  • Overwork
  • Medications (antihistamines, cold remedies, pain meds, heart meds, and some antidepressants)
  • Alcohol/drug use or abuse
  • Too much caffeine and/or sugar use, resulting in adrenal insufficiency

Now, let’s consider the decreased level of consciousness that occurs with fatigue. Often, when my clients complain about a partner not being present in the relationship, tiredness is the culprit. How can one be warm and loving when s/he is running on empty?

Could fatigue be ruining your relationship or thwarting the possibility of ever finding one? Perhaps now is the time to re-evaluate your lifestyle and make some changes that support your health and well being so that you have plenty of energy to fully participate in a quality relationship.

Be sure to read F1 and F3.

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