Halloween and Death

“The closer we get to Samhain, (pronounced Sow’ ain) the thinner the veil between the worlds becomes: the worlds of seen and unseen, known and unknown, human and faerie, form and spirit, living and deceased.”  – Tess Whitehurst

We are entering the time of Samhain (Halloween), where death is acknowledged and even celebrated in its own, strange way. The ancient custom of wearing costumes originates with our ancestors’ need for protection during the season, to scare away harmful spirits and souls returning to earth through the veil.

Due to this thinning at the end of October through about November 10 each year, we are granted a chance to communicate more easily with our loved ones who have died. There are a variety of ways to do so, and I will share a couple with you later in this newsletter.

For me, this is a sacred, special time of year. I’ve had many healing, loving experiences with visitations from those beyond the veil. Beginning at age 2 with my dear grandfather’s death, then losing my beloved father at age 6, and moving along through the years, I have lost quite a few loved ones. I’ve talked with many of them.

What I have learned is that a deceased person’s soul often wants to talk to the living, to set things right, to reassure or to comfort or to express love. In ancient days, this was welcomed and considered very natural.

However, many are afraid of the mystery of physical death of their own bodies. Where do we go upon death? What’s waiting for us on the other side? Will we be punished for wrong doing? Is there someone “up there” keeping score?

In all my studies and direct experiences, I can tell you that there is no hell, per se, although some refuse to leave, thereby creating their own hell. Most of the time, a person does merely slip her/his body at death and move into a different realm. We are each on a journey for consciousness, and after many lifetimes, and many learning experiences, this quest doesn’t stop with death.

In my experience, we are here on this planet at this time as a part of a long journey our soul is taking to expand our consciousness. Our main job here is to learn and grow in spirit. It is why I never stop working to clear old patterns and attitudes that don’t serve me or the planet. Many believe this is a special time that we have chosen to be here to stop the destruction of the planet and give it a spiritual spin.

Making a lot of money is not the goal on the spirit plane. Learning to love, be kind, express compassion and be non-judgment are biggies on the menu. Being generous with those less fortunate gets high marks. Making the world a better place in your own way is important.

If you fear death, I understand. Since it is an unknown, I recommend you take some time to read many viewpoints about it. Take time at Samhain to visit with loved ones who have already passed through the veil. I believe you will be delightfully surprised at all the love those on the other side have for you.

Talking to your deceased loved ones:

(This is just my method. There are other ways)

Items I collect:

  • an altar top (stone, table, counter top, etc.)
  • A photo of those with whom you choose to speak
  • A candle, preferably black, with holder
  • Some flowers
  • If possible, an item that was theirs
  • your journal

It tends to be easier doing this during the Halloween season. Find a nighttime place where you can have privacy and quiet. Ask your angels and guides to cast a circle of protection and light around you for this task to keep entities out. I build a little altar on a small table and light a candle. I sit for a bit and get quiet.

Next, I ask my angels and guides to surround and protect me and to help me get clarity. I invite the spirit to come in, and give her/him a minute. I express gratitude to them for being with me. I tell them I love them (if this is true) and am happy to be with them (if I am). Or I might just thank them for coming.

Then, I ask questions or make statements, and wait for their answer. For me, it rarely comes from a voice without, but rather a voice within, or just an internal knowing.

Once I am done, I thank them for coming, and give them my best wishes. I thank my guides and angels and sit quietly for a bit. I write down my observations and the answers I got.

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