Moving Through Chaos

A couple of weeks ago, I returned from a trip to Ireland. Ireland is a spiritual home for me, and I feel a “rightness in my body” when I am there.  Ireland has an intriguing mythology, and a huge variety of stone sites – circles, dolmans, ring forts and burial sights that are thousands of years old with no information on them, but they are brimming with energy. There are also ogham stones with Pictish writing, that are now being decoded.

While these fascinate me, and I certainly spend a large portion of my time searching them out, the people are what capture my heart. They are so openhearted and generous with their time and knowledge. They will go out of their way to help.

For instance, at one Air BnB, when the host knew we were looking for ancient sacred sites, he got into the car with us and directed us to two little-known sites tucked away that we would have never found on our own. We took him to dinner, and then he directed us to a pub where they sing trad (traditional) music – my favorite. And what a fun evening that was!

When I returned home, I was hit by a wall of collective chaos, anger and disappointment that is currently plaguing the country. The jet lag left me feeling disoriented and without a lot of psychic protection from the current energies. When I stopped to check into my body, I noticed that my stomach felt uneasy, and my inhalation was short. I began to draw up against the discord.

I needed a plan to re-engage in my world in a meaningful way. First, I went to my garden. But it was somewhat burned up and struggling with the summer heat. I turned to my kitties, but they were very needy and not particularly calm. Writing in my journal was helpful.

Then, I found one of my favorite CDs – an Enya recording – and sat to listen to that. The soothing music took me into a prayerful mood, and I began to have a conversation with my personal guides, assigned to me from birth.  I asked for assistance with a clear mind and peace in my heart. They reminded me of my most simple tool for clearing: Tapping.

Next, I began to do EFT. While tapping works on specific problems, it also serves to calm the nervous system. I tapped for making myself more comfortable in this jazzed-up energy and I tapped on finding peace of mind. It worked, and I am happy to say I’m back to feeling passionate about my work again.

If you aren’t tapping as a part of your personal growth assistance, I would like to remind you that it is there for you, free and clear. On my website I have a whole section on tapping including where the points are and how you proceed. I also have a variety of protocols for various issues you might encounter. I encourage you to take a look. You can strengthen yourself against the hate mongering and the upset of the population around you. You will feel much better afterward.

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