Managing Overwhelm – Two Tapping Protocols

If you are not familiar with tapping, please go here first to understand the process.

There are two different protocols here, one for fear in the world and one for having too much to do. Choose the appropriate one for your situation. Then, add whatever comes to mind to the protocol. Trust whatever comes up.

At the beginning, be sure to get a number from 1-10 for how intense the feelings are after checking into your body.

Overwhelm With the World

Even though I‘m feeling so afraid right now, because there is so much going on in the world, and it doesn’t feel safe, I’m going to love and accept myself anyway.

Even though I‘m feeling tension in my body because the world doesn’t feel safe, I forgive and honor myself.

Even though I’m scared because of these events (you can name it) around me that leave me feeling uncertain, I’m willing to let some of it go now.

Inner Eye:  I can feel so much fear and overwhelm.

Outer Eye: I have this feeling that something bad is going to happen.

Under eye:  And I don’t have any say in it.

Under nose: I don’t have any control over it.

Under bottom lip: And it feels overwhelming.

Clavicles: It feels unsafe.

 Under Arm: There is this low level anxiety all the time.

Top of head: I can’t figure out what is happening

Take a breath and have a sip of water, then continue:

IE:  And I don’t know what to do

OE:  I want to feel safe

UE:  But I don’t feel safe

UN: The world feels dangerous

UL: I’m alarmed

C:  I’m frightened.

UA: So many scary things going on all the time

TH : My body tightens up.

Continue your rounds until your body begins to relax a bit. When your number has gone down to a 2-3, and you are less stressed and ready to bring in some peace, finish up with these three rounds.

IE:  It’s hard to always be on guard

OE: I want to find my place of peace

UE: I want to be able to relax

UN: I wish to be calm

UL: I want a safe place

C:  Free from conflict

UA: Free to settle down

TH: Where I can feel okay now

IE: Taking a deep breath in and letting it out.

OE: Can I move toward some peace?

UE: Is there a way to feel a little bit safer?

UN: Can I find a way to let some of this go?

UL: Can I soften this a bit?

C:  Yes, I know I can

UA: It’s already better

TH: My body is relaxing some


IE: Just letting some of this go

OE: Tapping will help

UE: I’m feeling more in harmony

UN: Being able to breathe

UL: Taking a deep breath

C: Letting some of this go.

UA: Finding some calm

TH: Allowing relaxation into my body.


– Can you move your number even a little bit down in order to self soothe? Sure. Just keep tapping and adding things to tap on that bother you.

– Can the anxiety and stress return? Yes, there is a subconscious program that runs around safety to protect us. You can say to yourself “Ah, I recognize this old pattern. I’m glad I caught it this time.”


Overwhelm With Too Much On Your Plate

Side of hand: Even though there is just too much to do.

Side of hand: Even though I feel too much pressure to perform.

Side of hand: Even though there is always one more thing to add to the list.

Inner eye: One more thing to do feels dreadful

Outer eye: not one more thing

Under eye: I feel the weight of this

Under nose: so many things to do

Under lower lip: I resent it already.

Clavicles: I’m just worn out.

Under arm: I resent having another ‘should.’

Top of head: I’m probably going to fail at this, too.


ET it’s overwhelming, with so many things to do. I’m gonna accept myself right where I am.

ET I’m tired and irritable, I forgive and honor myself.

ET the demands never stop, I can give myself a break and tap.

IE: Now I have to add tapping?

OE: It’s over the top.

UE: One more thing

UN: It’s too much.

UL: I cant’ get it all done

C: I can’t feel easy about this

UA: I just can’t relax

TH: But what if I could?

Take a sip of water and breath. Check your number.

IE: What if there was a way to make it easy?

OE: Nah! Impossible!

UE: Well, just maybe there is a way to let myself up.

UN: I could just take a break

UL: I could cut my list down.

C: I could tell my mind to just settle down.

UA: Ask it for a time out.

TH:  I’ll just take a couple of deep breaths.


IE: I’m letting my mind run away with me.

OE: I know I can make this easier.

UE:  I can take a brain break.

UN: I can be easier on myself.

UL: Relaxing a bit.

UA: Taking it .

TH: Big smile coming on!

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