Real Awakenings Tend to be Messy

You have seen the movie. First, there is the painful drama: Awful, abusive father and/or ditched by creepy lover and/or loses job. The protagonist is struggling and miserable, and then experiences her or his quantum shift in mere weeks.

Something fortuitous happens and she wakes up. She is suddenly able to make peace with her father, or ditch the creep and meet a new, fabulous partner, or find the perfect job. Then, she sips a cup of coffee and looks back at the crossroads that brought her this new wonderful life.

It’s a miracle. All her dreams come true. We walk out of the theater with a smile on our lips and possibly a wonderful new song in our heads that will hit the top of the charts.

But real awakenings and transformations are rarely graceful. There is no music or shortcut to the next level of an upgraded consciousness. Often, transformations are raw, messy and painful until we pass through our old life to be happy, at peace, or in love with the “right” person.

Sometimes, we cry. We muddle through confusion and self-doubt and trauma. Sometimes, we go two steps forward and one step back. Bad dreams from the past may reemerge. Formerly-unhealed body stuff resurfaces. The process of awakening can mean feeling overwhelmed by our past. Old, forgotten wounds can be ripped open. We feel exposed.

We are forced to get real and be honest with ourselves. We are compelled to step up a level. We change because it is too painful to stay as we are.

Transformation doesn’t come to everyone. There must be some opening; some willingness to change and grow. Sometimes, it comes when we just don’t think we can stand our lives a minute longer. It comes when we stop making excuses. It comes when we stop lying to ourselves that we are comfortable when we are not.

Then, without notice we suddenly begin to feel liberated. Something releases and we get a fresh perspective. Something within us surrenders and we feel free. Oh, glorious transformation! That time is incredible, as we just let go and die to the old self. The new us emerges victorious.

This year, we will all be offered many opportunities for transformation.  I shudder with dread and with enthusiastic expectation all rolled into one.

If you would like assistance to speed your transformations, call for an appointment for a session to see me. I am passionate about working with people in transformation. 512-444-9777

Wishing you gentle transitions in 2020,

Robin Heart Shepperd, D.C.

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