Signs and Symbols for Angels


Angel: a benevolent, divine being in spirit form imbued with superior power, wisdom and intelligence; one is assigned to each human at birth to assist in the evolvement of said person’s soul.

Occasionally, one of my clients expresses resistance to having an entity clearing. She or he will explain that she doesn’t want to lose her spirit guide while I’m removing unseen energies.

That absolutely doesn’t happen. The unseen beings who do belong with us are our angels and guides. I couldn’t remove those beings if I tried, as I have no authority to do so.

Everyone has her or his own angel, with no exception, no matter what her religion, faith or lack thereof. These Divine Beings have been assigned to us, likely long before this lifetime. Or possibly, they have chosen us.

They love us more than we can imagine, and as we progress in our evolvement, they also progress in theirs. It is their job to assist us in any way that they can when we ask for their help. Asking is important.

Sometimes, there are exceptions, and they give help unasked for. I don’t know how this is decided. We all have either experienced or know of someone else who has experienced Divine Intervention in a serious matter such as driving off a cliff and coming out alive.

Angels are a Divine Gift to assist us along life’s path. They may contact us, especially through dreams. They may direct our attention to a song on the radio that is chock full of meaning for us at a particular time in our life. They give us other signs of comfort and concern if we are paying attention. Have you ever heard The Beatles sing, “Let It Be” when you’ve been worrying over something distressful? I have, and I have to laugh and say out loud, “Thank you, Angels and Guides!”

It is helpful to form an alliance with our angels. While they are aware of us at all times, we often aren’t aware of them. I can remember the last time I hit an animal on the highway about twenty years ago. I cried and I asked my angels to please ride on my hood and protect all creatures from my auto. I have never hit another one. “Thank you, Angels!”

Creating a relationship with your angel can give you the desire to be loving when it is hard to do so, and the courage to change when transformation seems too challenging. You can derive a sense of safety and a knowing that you are loved.

You don’t even have to know her/his name. You don’t have to meditate. Just call out and say, “Angel, I would like to know you better.” Stop and wait for an answer. It may be a sense of peace. A butterfly or dragonfly may drift by. Then, just begin saying from your heart what you’d like to say. Try it. This relationship is powerful.



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