Six Ways to be Part of the Solution

world“Mother Earth is sick and has a fever.”
– Chief Avol Looking Horse at Standing Rock





Tbe_a_part2he energy on our beloved planet is ratcheting up. Most of us are aware of the unpleasant chaos swirling around us, feeling it in our bodies, minds, and souls.

Journalists are revealing heretofore unknown, horrifying acts of violence. There are concerns regarding civil rights and police brutality.

For those of us who are empaths (many of my clients are), we may be edgy and confused, trying to navigate in this collection of human, animal and earth pain. We may find it harder to stay calm and centered. We may be more reactive, and less considerate of others.

So what’s a person to do? Here are six powerful ideas. 

1. Forgive yourself and others. (Wow! Did I have to put the hardest one first?) Forgiveness is a big challenge in many cases, but leads to freedom. Try using the Ho’Oponapona Prayer listed on my website

(click here). It really works, although you may have to say it a variety of times for a particular person or situation.

2. Be part of the solution i.e. Get out of your comfort zone, take action, and give it your best.

Become a volunteer for an animal shelter, a women’s shelter or some other organization where you regularly contribute time, money, and/or energy. Reach out to others. I admire my friend who makes at least one call per day to legislators about the things that matter to her.

3. Spread good cheer. Make a commitment to give at least one sincere compliment per day to others. We never know how wonderfully this can affect someone who is struggling.

4. Start a new self-care regime. That could look like whatever calls to you. You could commit to walking or doing yoga daily. How about seeing your holistic chiropractor or acupuncturist for a health checkup and then follow her or his recommendations? Get an astrological or Tarot reading to see what needs to be accomplished this year. Trade out that daily soda for a mineral water. Ask your body what it needs.

5. Stay optimistic for a better future.

“Pessimism is what preserves the status quo.” – Boyan Slat, 22 year old Dutch inventor and founder of The Ocean Cleanup.

Observe yourself when you get caught up in negative thinking. Speak positive, encouraging words to others. It really helps.

6. Remember to pray. Please don’t get caught up in telling God/dess what to do. Instead of praying that this person do this and another do that, pray for the highest good for them. Visualize a better world where people are kind. Visualize people coming together with excellent solutions.

Many see us in a birthing process into a new age of more kindness and compassion. Would you join me in that thought? And please drop me a line to share your commitments to yourself and our planet. It’s helpful to me as well as yourself.

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