Your Spiritual Connection, Part 2 (of 3)

Your Spiritual Connection, part 2

Develop More Self Awareness 

Image result for self awarenessBeing spiritual means that one is attentive to things of the spirit and the soul where our true self resides. In this article, we will continue to explore various ways to cultivate a more powerful spiritual connection.

Truly, we are all connected to Spirit to various degrees. Unfortunately, we often operate with an illusion of non-connection, and this feeling of estrangement allows us to behave in less than kind ways. It interferes with our feeling of peace and calm and belonging.

The world can be so intense – sometimes even overwhelming. I believe that the more we stay connected to Spirit, the more we will express ourselves in a deeply satisfying way. We will lessen our stress, and increase our capacity for love and compassion.

This month’s recommendation to aid your spiritual connection is to develop more self-awareness, which includes observing your emotions, attitudes and actions. These observations entail your becoming a detective. Without introspection, there is little hope for change. Without change, there cannot be a more powerful spiritual connection.

Ask yourself:

* Are you dwelling, possibly even obsessing, on the ways you feel wronged? (I went through that intensely with my divorce.)

* Do you complain about painful, seemingly unfair events without considering how you may have played a role in them?

* Do you believe that everything would be better for you if the world or others would just change?

I have participated in all of those behaviors at one time or another.

How do you interact with others?

* Do you pay attention to how you speak to your partner, your children, your friends, and neighbors? Is it loving, kind and patient?

* Do you truly listen when others speak?

Keeping these questions, and possibly others in your mind can help you do regular course-corrections. These questions are not asked so you can beat yourself up. Being unkind to yourself is never the answer. Being aware when your own behavior is not in your best interest is important and allows for soul growth.

Good luck with your introspection and awareness as you work on your spiritual connection. Let me know if you’d like a session to assist with this.


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