Tapping on the Distress of Violence

This protocol is to assist in relieving anger and anxiety about violence in the world.

Remember to first get a number for the level of your upset between 1-10, with 10 being extreme distress. If you don’t remember the EFT tapping points, see my drawing listed in the Emotional Freedom Technique section. (Link)

Also remember that, with EFT, the negative stuff needs to be addressed first to root it out, then follow with the positive.

(You can custom-make this tapping session by changing words to say whatever suits you best. You’re in charge of this clearing.)

Tapping on the outside of the hand (3 statements for 1 round)

Even though (ET) I feel angry and upset over the recent bombings, I completely love and accept myself.

ET I would like to harm those violence-perpetrators, I forgive and honor myself.

ET all this aggression in the world makes me feel aggressive, I know that I can let it go.

Inner eye: All this upset.

Outer eye: I just want to scream.

Under eye: Just who do they think they are?

Under nose: Let’s punish them.

Under bottom lip: They deserve to die a horrible death.

Clavicles: I’m outraged

Under arm: I just can’t believe it

Top of head: I want to smash them

Take a breath and have a sip of water, then continue.

IE: Those bat-shit crazy fools.

OE: Somebody ought to kill them

UE: Better yet, they should be tortured

UN: I’m really angry about this.

UL: I mean it. I’m angry

C: How can they do this – really?

UA: It’s so infuriating

TH: No respect for life

Take another breath and have a sip of water. Now check your number to see if it’s gone down. It may or may not. If it hasn’t gone down, then do a couple more rounds to express your upset. If your mind goes elsewhere to some other outrage, be sure to tap on that. After the number has begun to go down, start again with the side of the hand:

ET I am heartsick about all of this violence, I completely love and accept myself.

ET I just can’t get over how this keeps happening, I forgive and honor myself.

ET the violence is so sad and unacceptable, I can consciously move my mind to project love.

IE: I’m sad and confused.

OE: It doesn’t make sense in my mind.

UE: I feel resentment for this travesty

UN: I just want it to all go away.

UL: These incidences are making me anxious.

C: It’s so senseless

UA: The world has gone crazy.

TH: Don’t these people have families?

Take a breath and a sip of water.

IE: It just seems that the world is full of tit for tat

OE: Sometimes, this world rage just wears me out.

UE: Sometimes, it leaves a hole in my heart

UN: I just don’t know what to do.

UL: Sometimes I feel like crying.

C: It seems like it will never end

UA: Do I have to die to ever get any peace?

TH: It’s all so exhausting.

Time to check your distress level again on a scale of 1-10. If it has gone down to a 2 or 3, proceed with the wrap up. If not, continue tapping on the upset, using your own words.

Wrap-up: ET I have been anxious, sad, and angry about world violence, I completely love and accept myself.

ET I really dislike all this senseless violence on innocent people, I forgive and honor myself.

ET the useless, cruel violence is still disturbing, I will radiate love.

IE: I can see that raging is not the answer.

OE: Feeling vengeful doesn’t handle the issue.

UE: It’s not serving me or anyone to seethe.

UN: I think I can let the rage go

UL: Yikes! I don’t think so.

C: Yes, I can, if only for this one day.

UA: They don’t deserve it.

TH: It’s important for me to hold a loving space as my gift to the world.

Take a deep breath, sigh, and then take a sip of water.

IE: I am a loving person and I radiate love.

OE: I love myself and I love others.

UE: I don’t have to like what happened.

UN: I don’t have to condone or minimalize what happened.

UL: I can be at peace within myself.

C: I can refuse to participate in the insanity

UA: I’m ready to be a soldier for peace.

TH: I breathe in peace and breath out conflict.


You may need to repeat this process again tomorrow, especially if you watch the news. You may need to repeat it if other incidences come up. It takes vigilance to stay in a loving space but it is well worth it, and it is your gift to the world.

Call me if you need help with this.

Robin Heart Shepperd, EFT practitioner










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