Emotional Freedom Technique Instructions

I am posting these instructions so that clients may create their own clearings when not receiving a private session with me. I believe it’s important for us all to have access to at least one clearing technique for our own well-being and emotional/spiritual growth to “pull out of our pocket” when needed.

EFT is a quick, easy way to eliminate emotional upset, deep physical and emotional pain, mental roadblocks and other life issues. It’s a first aid prescription for which we don’t need an M.D.

To do EFT, we tap lightly on specific parts of the body identified as acupuncture meridians while repeating certain statements or phrases. This is done in a specific pattern that assists in accessing one’s emotions.

Here’s the way it works:

First, choose the issue you want to work on. Then, rate yourself on how much the issue bothers you on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest. (This is called a SUD, or Subjective Unit of Discomfort.)

Now make a set up statement that includes 1. your issue and 2. Love, self-forgiveness and acceptance for having the issue, even when you see it as someone else’s fault.

Here’s an example based on pain of the loss of a brother:

  • Even though I’m so sad right now, I completely love and accept myself.
  • Even though I feel a lot of pain over losing Joe, I forgive and honor myself.
  • Even though I really miss my brother, I know I’ll be okay.

So when we begin stating what the issue is, we tap the outer edge of our hands together on the “karate chop” point(see picture). We repeat the set up statement 3 times, and it can be a bit different each time, or we can state the issue the same way. The last time, we give a positive twist at the end (i.e. I know I’ll be okay).

From there, we will begin a little journey by tapping at least 7 times inside the inner eye, outside the outer eye, under the eye, under the nose, on the chin, clavicles, under arm and back up to the top of the head. We can say the identical thing as in the set statement or something different.

  1. Start tapping at the inner eye, and make a statement such as
    • “All this grief around losing Joe.”
  2. Tap at the edge of the outer eyebrow and make a statement such as
    • “I’ll never see him again.”
  3. Tap under the eye and make a statement such as
    • “I’ll really miss him.”
  4. Tap under the nose
    • “It hurts so bad.”
  5. Tap the chin
    • “I’m so sad.”
  6. Tap in the middle of the clavicles (collar bones)
    • “I can’t believe I’ll never see him again.”
  7. Under the armpit, down about 4 inches
    • “I can’t believe that Joe is dead.”
  8. Top of the head
    • “My heart is broken.”

Have some water and take a breath. Check in and ask yourself how intense your SUD is now. Perhaps you started very upset with a 9, and after your first round, you are a 5, 6 or 7. Go as many rounds as you need to reduce the unpleasant feeling. (In the case of grief, you may not be able to drop to a 0 especially if your lose is relatively new.)

After a few rounds, you may be satisfied if you drop to a 2. In my experience, people often continue to drop their number later, after completing the rounds and having some quiet time.

Once you are satisfied with the number, and once your new number is 2 or less, you begin the positive rounds. You don’t need the set up statement for this. Just tap out the pattern as you repeat a positive statement at each point.

  • It’s okay to grieve.
  • I know it’s the natural order that we all die.
  • I’m so glad I had time with Joe.
  • It’s alright to smile sometimes.
  • I don’t love him any less now that he’s gone.
  • I can remember the good times.
  • My heart will heal, but remain loving Joe.
  • Joe wouldn’t want me to grieve indefintely.

Note:  Sometimes, when you first start a tapping session, it can feel like the feelings have gotten more intense. Don’t let that deter you. It’s just pulling up buried stuff to be released. Keep working and it’ll get better.

Also, for those who do better with observation rather than reading instructions, it can be useful to check out tapping on the internet and to watch others do it.

You may also email me with questions at Dr.Robin@CompassionateClearing.com

Robin Heart Shepperd, EFT practitioner

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