EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

It is an emotional version of acupuncture except without the needles. We stimulate certain points on the body by tapping on them with our fingertips while repeating specific phrases. From my experience through many clients over the last 20 years, I agree with Mr. Craig that this work reduces the conventional therapy process from months or years down to minutes, hours or a few sessions. It has been proven in clinical settings for just about any emotional, physical, or performance issue you can name.

EFT has had success with everything from fears to trauma, anger to depression, bee stings to multiple sclerosis, back pain to vision issues, baseball to gymnastic, singing to golf. Much research has been done to eliminate PTSD for military personnel, with powerful success. The motto is:

Try tapping on everything!

Endorsed by Bruce Lipton, PhD, Dr. Mercola, Deepak Chopra, Madonna, Fernando Alonso (Formula 1 world champion), Lily Allen (pop star), and many others, this phenomenon has taken off. That is because it works!

The beauty of this work is that it can be learned by anyone who is halfway conscious. You can use it on yourself, and you can use it on others. However, sometimes, tough issues need the help of an experienced practitioner.

Does this mean that EFT is a better clearing modality than everything else and that all other methods should be dropped? Of course not. It’s just one more important tool in my toolbox to clear an aspect of my client’s life that isn’t working.

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