Why Talk Negative in EFT?

We have been trained to speak in positive terms to receive positive outcomes. The wording for positive affirmations is designed to be uplifting. Therefore, this pattern used for the Emotional Freedom Technique where we begin the session by making negative statements can be confusing.

In EFT, the beginning statements are not designed to be positive. The purpose is to identify and clear out the negative garbage in order to make a clean place in which the positive can reside.

For instance, one would not go into one’s messy home before guests arrive and place flowers around in the hopes of making the place attractive. The house would first need to be cleaned and straightened before adding the flowers. The same is true with the mind – If the mind is cluttered with angry or depressed or fearful thoughts, repeating positive affirmations just covers over the negative thoughts and feelings.

This lack of clearing assures that the negative is still lurking underneath and will sometime have to surface again. Clearing it first makes for a powerful experience. Try it. It works!

Robin Heart Shepperd, EFT practitioner


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