EFT Protocol for Good Health

Yes, tapping can literally clear up some of your health issues. Remember that you can always shift the words you use in this protocol to more closely state what is going on for you, personally.

  • Even though (ET) I have (name issues) and it worries me, I completely love and accept myself.
  • ET my health issue is a big concern, I forgive and honor myself.
  • ET I don’t feel good having this issue, I know that I can shift myself to a more healthy body and mind.

Inner eye: All this bodily discomfort.
Outer eye: I’m worried about this (name the issue).
Under eye: It interferes with my good feelings.
Under nose: I feel so uncomfortable
Under bottom lip: My body is making a statement that it needs healing.
Clavicles: I feel resentful that I’m not functioning optimally.
Under arm: I don’t like having to deal with this.
Top of head: It’s hard to relax when I’m uneasy about this issue.

Take a breath and have a sip of water, then continue.
IE:  My body is ailing.
OE: I don’t like taking time out to work on this.
UE: My body isn’t healing.
UN: I don’t know what to do
UL: It feels so uncomfortable.
C:  Why can’t I just stay healthy?
UA: It’s so aggravating
TH: I resent having this issue.

Take another breath and have a sip of water. Check your number to see if it’s gone down. The less stress you have about your health, the quicker it can heal.

  • ET I am not feeling completely healthy, I completely love and accept myself.
  • ET my poor body is malfunctioning, I forgive and honor myself.
  • ET this issue is distressing, I know that I can shift it.

Inner eye: All this distress.
Outer eye: It just showed up.
Under eye: What if this issue doesn’t clear up?
Under nose: I feel so perturbed about this issue.
Under bottom lip: My body seems to have a mind of its own.
Clavicles: I don’t want to deal with this.
Under arm: I feel nervous about what I have to do to get better.
Top of head: It’s hard to feel good when I’m not healthy.

Take a breath and have a sip of water, then continue.
IE:  Just thinking about this issue makes me uncomfortable.
OE: Something in me is resisting getting well.
UE: My body feels like it’s not functioning properly.
UN: I’m so discouraged.
UL: My healing seems slow.
C:  Have I missed something?
UA: This issue leaves me ill at ease.
TH:  I’m anxious.

Check your number. If it is going down, you are making progress. If it is stuck, there may be something this isn’t addressing. If your mind thinks of something else about the illness or injury, be sure to tap on that. Next, tap on the positive. You don’t have to tap on the side of the hand again. Just go for the other points:

IE: I’m healing
OE: I don’t feel as worried about it
UE: I think something may have shifted
UN: My true nature is vibrant well-being.
UL: I love my body.
C: I just want to feel better.
UA: I can let this state of illness go
TH: I’m clearing any resistance to healing

Take a breath and a sip of water.
IE: You can do it, Body.
OE: I’m feeling better
UE: Healing is my body’s natural state.
UN: My body is ready, willing and able to heal.
UL: I feel relieved.
C: Healing in body mind and spirit.
UA:  I’m treating myself with love
TH: Knowing I will take the necessary steps to heal.

You may not have instant results. Sometimes, healing is incremental. Be patient. And if you need further assistance, be sure to see your alternative health practitioner.

Happy healing!

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