EFT on Depression

This protocol is to help alleviate simple depression. Feel free to change it up for your personal needs.

Remember to first get a number for the level of depression you feel between 1-10, with 10 being extreme depression. (In extreme cases, you may want to get professional help.) A drawing of the EFT tapping points is available here.

Remember that, with EFT, the negative stuff needs to be addressed first to clean it out, then follow with the positive.

Tapping on the outside of the hand (3 statements for 1 round)

  • Even though (ET) I feel depressed, I completely love and accept myself.
  • ET I feel depressed and it’s wearing me out, I forgive and honor myself.
  • ET I feel depressed, I know that I can let it go.


Inner eye: All this depression.

Outer eye: All this sadness.

Under eye: It feels like it will never end.

Under nose: I feel so trapped.

Under bottom lip: All of this feeling down.

Clavicles: It makes me so tired.

Under arm: I have no energy.

Top of head: It’s hard to feel up when nothing feels right.

Take a breath and have a sip of water, then continue.

IE:  I’m so tired.

OE: I don’t like having to pretend I’m okay to get others to leave me alone.

UE: Lighten up, they say.

UN: What’s wrong? they ask.

UL: Smile, you’ll feel better, they say.

C: Well I don’t have to, and I’m not going to.

UA: It’s so aggravating

TH: I just want to be left alone.

Take another breath and have a sip of water. Now check your number to see if it’s gone down. It may or may not. If it hasn’t gone down, then do a couple more rounds to express your upset. If your mind thinks of something else about the depression, be sure to tap on that. After the number has begun to go down:

ET I am sick and tired of this depression, I completely love and accept myself.

ET I just want it to fade away and it hasn’t, I forgive and honor myself.

ET I’ve been so sad, I choose to consciously move my mind to happy thoughts.

IE: Part of me is ready to let go of this depression, and part of it feels safe or comfortable or something to hang on to it.

OE: It doesn’t make sense in my mind.

UE: I feel confused.

UN: I just want it to all go away.

UL: This depression may have served me, but it’s not serving me now.

C: I just want to feel better.

UA: I can forgive myself for staying in a funk.

TH: I might even be able to forgive anyone who contributed to this depression.

Take a breath and a sip of water.

IE: It just seems time to move on.

OE: I’m tired of being tired.

UE: It seems like it will never end.

UN: I just don’t know what to do.

UL: Sometimes I feel like crying.

C: I want to let this go.

UA:  I don’t want to have to die to feel better.

TH: I’m clearing any reasons for feeling bad.

Time to check your distress level again on a scale of 1-10. If it has gone down to a 2 or 3, proceed with the wrap up. If not, continue tapping on the upset, using your own words.

Wrap-up: ET I have been depressed and sad, I completely love and accept myself.

ET I think this has gone on long enough, I forgive and honor myself.

ET I’ve been caught up in a dark hole, I’m ready to crawl out.

IE: I can feel myself lightening up.

OE: Feeling better now.

UE: It’s not serving me to stay depressed.

UN: I think I can let the depression go.

UL: Yikes! I don’t think so.

C: Yes, I can, if only for this one day.

UA: I don’t deserve to feel so bad.

TH: It’s important for me to feel better.

Take a deep breath, sigh, and then take a sip of water.

IE: I chose to let it all go.

OE: I love myself and I love others.

UE: I breathe in peace and calm.

UN: I breathe out negativity.

UL: I am at peace within myself.

C: I can let the angst go.

UA: I’m ready to be relaxed.

TH: I breathe in peace and breathe out conflict.


You may need to repeat this process again tomorrow, especially if you watch the news. You may need to repeat it if other incidences come up. But it is well worth it.

Call me if you need help with this.

Robin Heart Shepperd, EFT practitioner

Austin, Texas


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