Messages from your Spirit Guides

Ever wondered why you have occasional ringing or buzzing in one ear or the other? I wondered about it for years. It can happen at any time, and it last seconds or, at most, a minute or so (as opposed to non-stop ringing, a medical condition called tinnitus).

According to the Natural History Encyclopedia, the first found document referring to this phenomenon was written in 77AD by Pliny the Elder in Rome. Body symptoms were sometimes considered omens and taken very seriously when happening to famous people.

Almost everyone experiences ringing at some point. It is estimated that 15-20% of people have it on a regular basis. Many awakening people have experienced it on and off over the last several years. The planet is in a time of major transformation, with much disturbing, hidden agendas bubbling to the top. Along side of that, many are experiencing extraordinary spiritual and emotional transformation.

Those people who speak or write about it often call the ear ringing a time of spiritual “downloading.” That’s a term to note the involuntary experience of higher frequencies being activated in your soul from higher realms. During this time, you are likely receiving guidance, a heightened awareness, an attunement or a spark of knowing. You are going through an energy shift and are receiving a divine upgrade.

The incoming downloads tend to come more often when we are consciously working on our spiritual growth. They cannot be deciphered by our conscious mind as they stream in. We often have to wait a while before we understand the nature of that information – perhaps a few hours or even days.

As I began to work on this article, I experienced a six-second ringing in my right ear and stopped to say, “Thank you!” Since the right brain controls the instinctive, intuitive and creative side, I can only assume that my angels or guides decided to assist with writing this article.

I believe that, for most, left ear ringing tends to handle more insights into life-purpose issues.

Next time the ringing happens to you, take a moment to tune in. Ask yourself, where is this coming from? What are my guides saying to me? What help am I receiving? I rarely get an answer immediately.  Other times, all I can do is stay alert and watch to see what comes up over the next few hours or days. Good luck with your new awareness!


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