I believe there are two disparate species who both look like humans on the planet: humans and star beings. As I understand it, the star beings did not originate on this planet but arrived here from other star systems. It was decided that, because humans were evolving at such a slow rate, they needed help. (Pretty trippy, eh?)

Some say that other star systems were benevolent and only wanted to help. Others say that planet earth had lots of minerals needed by civilizations on planets outside our solar system, and that humans were bred with star beings to raise the level of intelligence on this planet so that they could work humans in the mines. (Even trippier!)

Whatever the interbreeding was for, it seems they accomplished a rise in intelligence for humans. Anthropologists have found evidence that about 20,000 years ago, humans had an inexplicable jump in evolution.

But the issue for the star beings was that they were left here after the experiment was abandoned. In order to be considered “normal”, star beings just tried to fit in. However, star beings living here have continually tried for thousands of years to do things from a human perspective, and it just doesn’t work.

Star beings often have the feeling that they just don’t belong here. Or they have a craving to Go Home, like ET. I consider myself a star being, and beginning at aged six, I would go out and stare at the stars and ask God to take me to heaven. It wasn’t a morbid thought, rather a knowing that I didn’t belong here and that, somehow, I needed to return Home. That feeling of wanting to Go Home has been present my whole life.

Could you be a star being? Here are some differences:


  1. They often feel that their lot in life is to live in pain and suffering.
  2. When their body has aches and pains, they will go to see their doctor and take medicine.  If medicine doesn’t work, they will take more or different medicines.
  3. Their body usually responds in expected ways
  4. Their perception is that star beings are very weird people.
  5. They are comfortable with a 9 to 5 job. They can or will complain bitterly about it, but rarely do anything about it.
  6. They frequently have a fixed point of view and don’t have the desire or ability to change it.
  7. Mostly, they buy into authority.
  8. They function from “knowing” due to facts presented.

Star beings:

  1. They will ask what is wrong with themselves, will judge themselves before they judge others (which is not to say that they do not judge others).
  2. They ask a lot questions, and are always searching.
  3. Their body does not react like a human’s body. The expectation that it should respond the same can be detrimental. For instance, in the case of medicine, the star being may respond with a tiny dosage. Convesrely a huge dosage may have no effect at all. Generally, they prefer natural remedies.
  4. They try to fit in by being “like” humans so as to be accepted. They don’t understand why they aren’t on the same wavelength.
  5. They tend to look at the bigger picture of reality.
  6. They are often challenged when dealing with authority.
  7. They tend to function from “perceiving.”

Star beings desperately seeking human:

  1. These beings have an especially hard time with being different.
  2. They jump a lot of hoops to appear “normal.”
  3. They just want to fit in, no matter what toll it takes on their psyches to pretend all the time.

Do you suspect that you are a star being? Then recognize that you are different and that there is nothing wrong with you. Star beings are usually highly creative and intelligent people. Stop making yourself wrong for not being “normal.” You just function from a very different place. This is not about making humans wrong, either.

This information was surely surprising to many of my readers. I hope my thoughts on this have expanded your reality.


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