Self Love – Tapping

If you are not familiar with EFT tapping, please go to my page Emotional Freedom Technique Instructions *Add link* to learn the basics. To begin, it is useful to get a number and write it down regarding how strongly you feel about the issue you are tapping on. Use the scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest distress.

Side of hand: Even though I don’t feel good about myself right now, I’m going to love and accept myself anyway.

Side of hand: Even though I feel stress in my body when I don’t like myself, I forgive and honor myself.

Side of hand: Even though I don’t feel comfortable with myself, I’m willing to let some of it go now with ease and joy.

Inner Eye:  I don’t like myself.

Outer Eye: I don’t think anybody else does, either.

Under eye:  I haven’t got anything in particular to like about myself.

Under nose: I make the wrong choices and everybody knows

Under bottom lip: And it’s depressing.

Clavicles: It feels unsafe.

Under Arm: I have a low level anxiety all the time.

Top of head: I always seem to say that wrong thing

Take a breath and have a sip of water, then continue:

IE:  I don’t have the confidence I need

OE:  It is so icky feeling this way.

UE:  It’s so painful

UN: So many beliefs about worthlessness.

UL: Sometimes, I just hate myself

C:  I don’t like the way I look.

UA: I have no self-confidence

TH: Sometimes, I even feel dread being in particular situations.

Check your number. Has it gone down? Write the new number down.

Continue your rounds, using phrases that apply to you until your body begins to relax a bit. When your number has gone down to a 2-3, and you are less stressed and ready to bring in some peace, finish up with these three rounds.

Side of Hand: Even though I worry too much what others think, I completely love and accept myself
S of H: Even though I don’t give myself a break, I forgive and honor myself
S of H: Even though I’m really hard on myself, I’m ready to start loving myself now.

IE:  It’s hard always worrying what others think

OE: I am tired of beating myself up

UE: I want to be able to relax

UN: I wish to stop being defensive

UL: It’s important to me to feel accepted

C:  To not need other people’s approval so much

UA: Free to relax a bit

TH: Free to stop second-guessing myself

IE: Taking a deep breath in and exhaling.

OE: Can I move toward some peace?

UE: Is there a way to feel a little bit safer?

UN: Can I find a way to let some of this go?

UL: Can I relax a bit?

C:  Yes, I know I can

UA: It’s already better

TH: My body is relaxing some

Next round:

IE: Just letting some of this disapproval go

OE: Tapping will help

UE: I’m feeling more in harmony

UN: Being able to breathe

UL: Taking a deep breath

C: Letting some of this go.

UA: Finding some calm

TH: Allowing relaxation into my body.

Now, check into your body. What number do you have on the number of 1-10? It is likely to go down even more over the next day or so.

  • Can you move your number even a little bit down in order to self soothe? Sure. Just keep tapping and adding things to tap on that bother you about your lack of self confidence.
  • Can the low self esteem return? Yes. You can say to yourself “Ah, I recognize this old pattern. I’m glad I caught it this time.”
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