SHOOTING MY MOUTH OFF (EFT tapping protocol)

If you are not familiar with EFT tapping, please go to Emotional Freedom Technique Instructions on this site to learn the basics. To begin, get a number and write it down regarding how strongly you feel about the issue you are tapping on. Use the scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest distress.

Side of hand: Even though I sometimes feel I must open my mouth and say things with haste that I later regret, I’m going to love and accept myself anyway.

Side of hand: Even though I sometimes feel like I need to give a strongly-felt opposing opinion that’s unwelcome, I forgive and honor myself.

Side of hand: Even though I get into trouble voicing my unasked for, decidedly unwanted opinion, I’m going to watch myself and decline to speak when no one is getting hurt.

Inner eye: I just can’t seem to keep my strong thoughts to myself.

Outer Eye: I just have to tell them they are wrong

Under eye:  I’m pretty self-righteous.

Under nose: I’m certain I have a valid point and they should know it

Under bottom lip: The anger it stirs up is depressing.

Clavicles: I lose friends that way.

Under Arm: After I’ve expressed myself, it gives me a low-level anxiety.

Top of head: When I’m indignant, I come on stronger than necessary

Take a breath and have a sip of water, then continue:

IE:  Sometimes I don’t have the self-control to stop and think it through.

OE:  It is so icky feeling shame for being so reckless in stirring the shit.

UE:  It’s so painful when I lose my temper.

UN: So many thoughts and feelings of defensiveness.

UL: Sometimes, I get angry with myself

C:  Why can’t they just understand?

UA: I forget to take a breath and think about my actions.

TH: Sometimes, I even feel dread after an outburst

Check your number. Has it gone down? Write the new number down. Have a sip of water.

Side of hand: ETI sometimes say things I later regret, I completely love and accept myself
S of H: Even though I forget that I don’t need to correct their hateful behavior, I forgive and honor myself
S of H: Even though I’m really hard on myself, I’m ready to start loving myself now.

IE:  It’s hard trying to corral people out of their narrow-minded attitudes

OE: I am tired of beating myself up for speaking my truth.

UE: Their snitty comments just suck me in.

UN: I allow myself to get defensive

UL: I sometimes get very judgy.

C:  I want to shout out how ignorant their stance is.

UA: I want them to see the light.

TH: Especially when I am sure they don’t know what they’re talking about

IE: I get angry and want to show them how wrong they are.

OE: Then, I can’t stop thinking about it.

UN: Can I find a way to let some of this go?

UL: Nope, I’d like to metaphorically whack them.

C:  Is there a way to feel more accepting of their ignorance?

UA: Maybe

TOH: I can get really defensive

Continue on your own rounds making statements that apply to you and your situation. Work until your feelings about this are down to at least a 2 or 3. Then move forward with positive statements.

Positive Statements

Side of Hand: Even though I I don’t feel comfortable with ________________, I’m willing to let some of it go now with ease.
S of H: Even though I don’t give myself a break, I forgive and honor myself
S of H: Even though I’m really hard on myself, I’m ready to start loving myself now, make amends (if necessary), and move forward, ready to think things through next time.

IE:  I’d like to move towards more peace.

OE: I am tired of getting all wired up.

UE: I want to be able to relax.

UN: Can I find a way to feel calmer?

UL: Can I realize a bit of reduced stress?

C:  I’m willing to feel less upset.

UA: Less aggravation

TH: I’d like to be free of this self-righteousness. It’s the same attitude that they have.

IE: Taking a deep breath in and exhaling.

OE: Moving toward some peace

UE: Feeling a little bit more serene

UN: Can I find a way to let some of this go?

UL: Can I relax a bit?

C:  Yes, I know I can

UA: It’s already better

Check how you feel on a scale of 1-10. Hopefully, it’s a 1 or 0 but it’s okay if you don’t quite make it.

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