Smack Those Bad Boys?

The acts of terror and war around the world have left me with a heavy heart. So have those acts our military perpetrated on innocent Middle Easterners.  It’s painful to hear when misery is deliberately inflicted upon others.

My first reaction with this latest bombing was horror, which turned to outrage. My inner voice screamed, “What is WRONG with these terrorists? Why don’t we just crush them, make an example out of them? Let’s stomp their heads…” Perhaps you’ve had those kinds of thoughts, too.

But at some point fairly quickly, I came to my senses and realized that my outrage was adding fuel to the fire of hatred and chaos in this situation. I deliberately took hold of my mind, turned it, and began to pray for the comfort of the families of the deceased and injured. I lit a candle for the sanctity of their lives.

I was taught by the great metaphysician and Unity minister, John Rankin, and I believe, that every thought is a prayer, meaning that our thoughts, although unseen, have an energy that spreads out into the Universe. When I think angry, accusatory thoughts, those vilifications join the collective ball of fury circling our globe.

I believe the collective rage and anxiety of humanity is a reason why so many of us are agitated these days and don’t know why. When we try to pin it down, there is just no answer. There’s just nebulous agitation.

People eat junk, which contributes to anxiety. They watch a lot of violence and hatred spouted on TV, which contributes to anxiety. They don’t get enough sleep, which contributes to anxiety. There is so much uncertainty on the planet, which contributes to anxiety.

Mix all of that up in the collective unconscious, and one can feel very unstable. Nobody likes feeling unstable. So what can we do?

For starters, we can consciously change our thoughts. Begin with daily prayers for peace within, for comfort for others, and for the highest good of all. Do something on the physical plane to signify to your brain that you choose the way of love. It can be as simple as lighting a candle or be more involved, such as signing up to help feed the homeless or donating time to an animal shelter.

Then, there is always EFT tapping – a clearing of the upset you can do for yourself. I have written a tapping session as a gift for you to help deal with this and have loaded it on my website. You can find it here: Tapping on the Distress of Violence

While the world struggles to find our collective humanity, we, as individuals, can make a commitment to ourselves to watch our thoughts. We can think love. We can make a difference.

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