Clip Psychic Cords and Block Harsh Energies

psychic_cordsPsychic cord – an emotional, energetic connection from one person to another that both gives and receives energy. It keeps one tied to another, even when one person doesn’t desire it.

Pamela breaks up with Karl, an emotionally abusive man. She wants this jerk completely out of her life. She even moves to a different city so that he can’t find her, but thoughts of him intrude on a regular basis, and Pamela can’t get him “out of her head.”

What is going on?

This is a common issue for those who leave a relationship packed with intense, painful emotions. Pamela no longer desires a connection, but somehow, Karl still is there albeit in non-physical ways.

Now, his obnoxious presence in her head could be interpreted a lot of ways. She may have PTSD from the relationship, replaying his abuse mentally. She may have a great deal of fear that he may find her. But another way she could still be connected is by psychic cords.

We unconsciously create cords, both good and bad, with numerous people in our lives. These cords can keep us tied to others without having a physical connection with them. Through cords, we can give or drain energy from another, sometimes with no consciousness around that.

Most cords are acceptable and make for closer ties among friends, family, and extended family. The strongest cords are frequently between mother and child, and between lovers. It can also be with other family members, friends, or bosses.  Sexual involvement always creates a cord.

When cords are developed, psychic information is often passed back and forth. A simple aspect of this may be thinking of the other and the phone rings with her or him on the line. This can be a good thing, feeling “in sync” with others.

However, in cases like Pamela and Karl, having a psychic cord can range from annoying to downright overwhelming. Narcissists, bullies, and difficult parents can exercise toxic control over others by skewing their targets’ thoughts, creating a hell for those who want freedom from their psychic torture.

So, what is the answer?

Some think that cords cannot be severed with certain people due to karma, but I disagree.  If you have past life issues to deal with, and you don’t complete them this time around, those issues will return next time with or without the cord. So, I recommend that you cut them or have them cut now.

Cords can be difficult to cut, and if not done properly, can return. It’s more difficult than just snipping the cord. There are likely complications, such as it being painful to let go. (In many cases, there were good parts of the relationship, too.) You must be clear and hold firm to this being in your best interest.

Cord cutting can be done through a variety of ways.  Doing it for yourself is more of a challenge than if you have help, but it can be done.  It’s imperative to do your emotional work around the relationship.  You must first heal portions of the pain in your heart and mind.  The work I do with Compassionate Clearing is powerful for this snipping.

One powerful method:

  1. It’s important to be rested.
  2. Become grounded or centered, and see yourself rooted to Mother Earth.
  3. Call in your spiritual help, including your Higher Self, and explain your goal. (Archangel Michael is very helpful with cord cutting.)
  4. Call out the name of the one you are cutting loose.
  5. Visualize having a pair of scissors or some other sharp object for cutting the cord. (You could ask Archangel Michael to borrow his sword.)
  6. In your mind’s eye, take the cutter and carefully cut around your body. Say out loud:  “So and so, I am cutting the bonds between us. I am releasing us both to our Higher Good. Go with God and move on.” For those sensitive to energies, the release will be felt, but not everyone will feel it. It doesn’t matter.
  7. Then pull the cord out of your body. It will likely be attached through at least one of the chakras, especially the genitals, the power chakra (solar plexus), the heart, or throat. Just ask yourself where you most often feel the pain of that relationship.
  8. Afterwards, seal the wounded area where the hooks were imbedded. You can use sacred oils such as sandalwood or frankincense to rub over the chakras. Or you can spray Rescue Remedy around the body and under your tongue.
  9. Ask your Divine Helpers to fill your auric field with golden Light, or protective energies, or whatever you call it.
  10. Thank them for their love and support.
  11. Relax and rest, allowing time for your body and soul to re-center.

Call me for an appointment if you would prefer to have help with this issue. 512-444-9777

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