It’s Just a Chapter – Turn the Page

BookAre you unhappy with the way your life is going? Sometimes we get stuck in a situation that feels non-productive, painful, and/or boring. As partners with life, we all have both stagnant and chaotic times.

Perhaps things had been sailing along pleasantly. We were comfortable to varying degrees. Or we begin to realize we have sunk into a quagmire of mediocrity. It is so comfortable, so familiar to sit in our puddles of numbness, judgments, laziness, frantic work, unhappy relationships and other less-than-optimal attitudes and positions.

Then something dramatic happens that shakes our world. We lose our job. Our loved one leaves us. We have an auto accident. And we ask, “Why did this happen to me?”

Life is about change. If we are not transforming, the Universe nudges us and challenges our current reality. We can either create change and personal growth ourselves regularly, or the Universe will take out a cattle prod to assist us to that end. Frankly, I prefer to initiate my own change.

So how can you begin the process? Remember that, wherever you are in life, no matter how stuck, it’s just a chapter. Turn the page. To start the process, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Write a personal mission statement. You have a purpose – actually several purposes in this incarnation. Think about who you want to be and what you desire in life. Think this through carefully. It is not something to quickly dash out. You may want to write and re-write over a period of days until it is says exactly what you mean. Read it each morning and work towards maintaining your integrity with it.
  1. Drink a cup of carrot juice. In other words, try something new. One of my first spiritual teachers, Verle Minto, told us the story of how Billy changed his life by trying a cup of carrot juice. Billy was stuck with no romantic prospects, a job he hated, and few friends. One day, he was walking by a health food store that he had passed daily for years. A sign in the window stated that fresh carrot juice was on sale that week. For the first time ever, he wondered about the strangeness of drinking carrot juice. Stepping inside the shop, he ordered a glass. There, he met a woman who invited him to a party. At the party, he made new friends and met someone who offered him a wonderful job.
  1. Build different skills. Learning new skills keeps the brain fresh and alert. As you attain new abilities, you will surely expand your life. This could mean asking for new challenges at work or even changing jobs. It could mean acquiring a new hobby such as aquaponics or mountain climbing. Learn a foreign language. Be an activist.
  1. Help others. Alter your awareness around you. Who could use a helping hand? So many people are struggling, and you can ease their pain. It could be as simple as a kind word each day or more complicated like starting or joining a group to feed the homeless. It’s a fact your life will be enriched and you will grow spiritually when you help others.
  1. Observe your thoughts. If you are unaware of your core beliefs, you can’t change the ones that stunt your growth and ability to live life freely. Instead of being a people watcher, become a You watcher. Without some degree of introspection, we cannot change.
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