Depression and Your Passion

What is your passion? I am currently deep into studying and making herbal medicines.

Even so, I do occasionally get the doldrums. Sometimes, I can slowly slide into a depression without being aware it is coming on. Sometimes, I can quickly fall into it following an upset with another person or situation.

While I believe that occasional depression is not a bad idea as it can cause me to slow down and go inward to examine my emotional state, it’s not good to live there. It’s important for me to be proactive and take steps to move it out. Once I identify depression, I can work with it practicing my energy psychology or calling a colleague to help me.

What I have noticed, is that when I am passionate about something, my world feels bigger and happier, and depression usually is not a factor. Quite simply, I am happiest when I am learning. Currently, my consuming passion is growing and collecting my garden herbs plus foraging for wild medicinal herbs. (Dandelion for blood sugar or mullein for lung issues, anyone? Did you know that pomegranate flowers and leaves are great for bleeding gums and heart issues?) I’ve been making tinctures, oils and teas. Previously, it was learning how to can and otherwise preserve food through fermentation and dehydrating. I also get excited about learning Irish and Scottish history.

What captures my attention is not so important to this story as the point that I am excited about something. The current political scene, while worrisome, is no longer pulling me down. Minor disagreements with others seem quickly worked out. So if you are feeling ho-hum today, consider learning a skill or new information.

Feeling upbeat affects your health, both mentally and physically in positive ways. Happiness is a true balm for good health. What is your passion?

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