Do You Believe in Magic?

lanternDo you believe in magic? Magic is real and it’s all around us. Sometimes we notice it and, most often, we do not.

So why do we suppress our awareness and curiosity regarding magic? Many of us have lived many lifetimes in fear of being different. In former societies, having magical abilities made one suspect. During the burning times, being branded a witch was fatal.

Striving to be “normal” or “average” in times past was imperative to avoid hostility and to stay alive. Today, being normal is a major limitation because it leaves no opening for magic to manifest.

Would you like to uncover your ability to have magic show up more often in your life with little effort? You are a creator. Your thoughts are powerful. With a little mental clarity and a few tools, you can create magic regularly.

First of all, it’s important to start acknowledging the times you already create magic. Stop now and spend a few minutes thinking about those times when there was synchronicity (perhaps you call it serendipity) in your life, and whatever you wanted showed up with no effort. Perhaps someone that you were thinking of called. Did you take time to acknowledge that you did that? Well, do it now. Claim and own your capacity to manifest magic instantly.

Next, start asking questions: “What are the amazing possibilities of (fill in the blank) happening for me?” Metaphysicians tell us the Universe is truly on our side and wants to give us whatever we desire. I have found that to be true. So, asking questions sets your desired outcome in motion.

Do not try to imagine how it will manifest for you, because that limits the avenues the Universe can take to fulfill your desires. Don’t crowd the Universe into a little box. For instance, you need $800 to fix your automobile. You ask:  “What are the infinite possibilities that I could have $800 for my auto mechanic this week?” The tendency would be to try to figure how it would come, such as parents stepping forth to help, getting a bonus at work, etc. If, instead, you remain open to all possibilities, that money can manifest in totally unexpected ways.

Finally, stop sabotaging yourself with doubts. When you doubt yourself and your magical abilities, ask, “Why am I buying into other people’s stuff? Who does this doubt, ridicule, and belittlement belong to? Not me!” Just say ‘no’ to the ‘what ifs’ and the ‘I cannots’. Allow magic to happen. It’s fun.

Be sure to tell me about your successes! Success with magic can start out slow, and you get better as you practice.

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