Reluctant Sex?

 Recently, a beautiful young man came to me with what he termed “intimacy problems.” He explained he was engaged to be married, and he loved his fiancé dearly. He said that they were compatible, and had been together for a long time.

The issue was erectile dysfunction. Health tests with the MD had checked out okay. Still, his problem was escalating and beginning to worry both him and his lady.

When he called for an appointment, I was expressly clear I’m not a psychotherapist. This suited him. He said therapy didn’t feel right for him.

Using various energy psychology clearing techniques, I moved through the issues. First, we cleared priority via Emotion Code. By that, I mean that I asked his Higher Self to show me what was foremost in importance to relieve his emotional distress. This was done with muscle testing. Then I cleared the impact of those incidences that negatively affected him.

Next, using a different technique, we cleared ancient oaths and vows from former lives with his sweetheart, as those tend to follow us through lifetimes. We cleared any previously unknown curses they had made against one another in former lives.

We followed that with EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, to do tapping to remove the layers of his anxiety regarding re-engaging in sex, working toward a positive outcome. Finally, we talked strategy such as having sensuous evenings where no intercourse was allowed.

We had a second appointment and worked on clearing more emotions that stoked his anxiety around issues that had collected to create his impotency in the first place. We did EFT tapping to remove some worries he had and to leave him feeling positive.

He emailed a few days later: “I’m so glad I met you. Jean and I have been intimate a couple of times, and we are very grateful for your help.”

I can’t create a perfect relationship for my clients. Only they have that power. However, with Compassionate Clearing sessions, I can take my magic eraser to clear gunk that is blocking them from experiencing more pleasure and deeper intimacy with a partner. If you would like assistance with any aspect of difficulties with your lover or spouse, call to make an appointment for a session at 512-444-9777.

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