Tapping for Forgiveness

Forgiving is often hard to do. Here is an Emotional Freedom Technique tapping protocol for self-forgiveness and for forgiveness of others that I devised for myself. Please add your own comments as you tap, and customize it for your particular needs. Add another round, or as many as it takes to release the unkind thoughts you have before moving to the positive.

If you don’t know the tapping points sequence for EFT, see instructions to get help.

What do I need to forgive myself for?

Find one thing that you haven’t forgiven yourself for.

SUD (pick a number from 1 -10 on how intense the feeling is)

ET (Even though) I haven’t forgiven myself for ________________, I completely love and accept myself.

ET I still beat myself up for _______________, I forgive and honor myself.

ET I am holding onto this lack of forgiveness, I’m now ready to let this go.

  • All this lack of forgiveness
  • I don’t deserve forgiveness
  • I should have my butt kicked
  • Why couldn’t I behave differently?
  • This nagging lack of forgiveness
  • All this self-criticism
  • All these ugly thoughts
  • Sometimes, I just hate myself.

ET I’ve been hard on myself, I love and accept myself.

ET I’ve been tough on myself, I forgive and honor myself.

ET I’ve ridden myself, I’m willing and able to let this go.

  • Sometimes I’m too hard on myself
  • Sometimes I just can’t let it go
  • I’m a very hard taskmaster
  • I’m harder on myself than on others
  • Maybe I can let this go
  • It wears me down
  • It’s not worth it
  • I think I can do it.

Now check your SUD. If it’s down to a 2 or less, you may feel ready to move to resolution. If not, then work some more on it, using your own creativity to figure out what you need next.

Move into some resolution for yourself.

ET I‘ve been mean to myself, I completely love and accept myself.

ET I’ve got a lot more going for me than this one situation and I don’t deserve to keep punishing myself, I forgive and honor myself.

ET I’ve been unkind to myself, I’ll do better now.

  • Sometimes, I forget who I am
  • I’m a child of the Universe (God or Goddess or whatever you call the sacred)
  • Others love me.
  • Actually I’m a pretty good person
  • I’ve decided to let this thing go
  • I deserve it
  • I am loved
  • I am moving on from this incident.

Who needs forgiveness from me? Get SUD

ET ____________ (this person) hurt me

ET ____________________ offended me

ET ____________________ has caused me a lot of pain

  • He/she hurt me
  • She/he is such a jerk
  • How did I possibly conjure this person into my life?
  • Was I such a terrible person in a past life?
  • I didn’t deserve this
  • I’m not letting this go.
  • No siree! I’ve got my shields up.
  • They don’t deserve my forgiveness.


ET I’m still pissed about being mistreated, I completely love and accept myself.

ETI still feel upset about this person’s nasty attitude, I forgive and honor myself.

ET it wasn’t right, I’m ready to let this go as a gift to myself.

  • Piffle! He doesn’t deserve it
  • Well, maybe I can let some of it go.
  • No, I can’t. That wouldn’t be fair to me.
  • Well, maybe it would be fair to me.
  • Then I wouldn’t be carrying him on my back
  • Jerk!
  •  Why do people like that exist?
  • But maybe he has some good qualities

Get a SUD

ET I would like to kick him/her, I completely love and accept myself

ET it is hard to let this affront go, as it has affected my life deeply, I forgive and honor myself.

ET he/she doesn’t deserve to be forgiven, I’m the one holding all of this ick and I would like to let it go!

  • I can see the advantages of letting this go
  • I just don’t want to let go yet.
  • I’m feeling pretty stubborn about this.
  • I’ve held this anger and upset so long
  • Maybe I could lay down a little of it.
  • I deserve a break
  • I want to let go
  • I could use some help letting this go.

Get a SUD

  • Okay, I’m letting go of this death grip
  • It’s already feeling better
  • I can do this
  • Letting go of the resentment
  • Breathing easier
  • I’m going to do this
  • I don’t have to love him (or her)
  • I just need to let the animosity and hurt go

Get a SUD

  • I’m worthy to feel good
  • It’s not worth it to hold on
  • I’m ready for a breakthrough
  • I’m relaxing about this issue
  • I’m feeling better from my head to my toes
  • I’m finding my comfort zone
  • This forgiveness will take place with ease and grace
  • I’m writing a new future – Yahoo!

If this is a deeply-held resentment, it may take several times and your own creativity with your statements to let it go. If you desire some help, call me for an appointment. 512-444-9777 or Dr.Robin@CompassionateClearing.com

Robin Heart Shepperd, EFT practitioner

Appointments available by phone or by Zoom


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