Tapping on Relationship Fear

This EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is for tapping to release the fear in a relationship. You could do it in a phone or Zoom session with me or try it yourself. If need be, refresh your memory as to the tapping points here Emotional Freedom Technique. Here is a protocol that may be helpful in working with the fear:

Even though I might not understand what holds me back from finding and staying in a fully loving relationship I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I think I’m ready for a relationship, and it isn’t here, so I must not be ready, I forgive and honor myself.

ET some unknown thing is holding me back from having and keeping my desired relationship, I’m ready to move forward.

This fear I’m hiding from myself

I’m confused

I just don’t know

It’s so frustrating

Why do I pretend to myself I don’t know?

I’m so confused

I’m so frustrated

I just can’t seem to get it right

Even though I don’t have a healthy relationship (or any relationship), I completely love and accept myself

Even though I want to be emotionally healthy in a relationship, and I’m afraid, I forgive and honor myself.

Even though I’m struggling to keep (or create) a healthy relationship, I’m working on it right this minute.

This fear

This fear of being smothered, suppressed, limited, trapped or used

Fear of loss of control

Fear of abandonment or loss

Fear of rejection

Fear of being judged

Fear of responsibility or commitment

Fear of the unknown

After tapping on whatever comes to mind, end with a positive round:

I can do this

I welcome love into my heart

I am a courageous person

I love myself and I’m ready to love another.

I welcome the responsibility of integrity in a relationship

I forgive with ease and joy

My arms are open wide

I await the joy of loving.

There you have it. Give that a try. Emotional Freedom Technique is fun!

Robin Heart Shepperd, EFT practitioner

Appointments available in person, by phone, or by Skype


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