Are You Different?

In my life, I have been called strange, weirdo, maverick, really different (with the emphasis on really), and other adjectives and nouns to point out my not-so-normal self. It’s true that my thoughts are often different than the general population. I have dealt with the unfortunate habit of speaking those non-conformist thoughts out loud (Sagittarius  ascendant), and had to navigate the surprise of others.

Being a sound sensitive, I quickly realized that attending loud concerts was out of the question. I am an empath, picking up others’ feelings, so I tend to avoid crowds.  Sometimes, I see non-corporeal beings. I come from a background of medical practitioners – my father, three uncles, my brother, and several cousins – yet I have been firmly in the court of holistic medicine for 45 years, choosing largely to avoid drugs for healing.

Even my clothing requirements have been different. Finding clothes and shoes that fit properly has always been an issue. Ordering stuff online is out of the question.

From the time I was a little girl, I understood that I was different. I never really minded being different. I was just uncomfortable when others resented me or disliked me for being different.

I suspect that a large percentage of my readers are different in one way or another. Maybe you were born into a fundamentalist Christian family but were always fascinated by mysticism or your mother is fussy about cleanliness and you like to collect bird nests and bones. Maybe you feel like you never did “fit in” or more so, that you somehow don’t belong here on this planet. Maybe you are filled with a longing to “Go Home,” but you don’t exactly know where Home is.

A teacher under whom I studied for a couple of years said that there are actually two species on the planet that look human. One is made up of humans and the other is made up of star beings. The story is that we were sent here about 20,000 years ago to help raise the intelligence of the slow-evolving population and we wound up caught on the planet earth. (for more info see Human or Star Being?)

To me, that is as reasonable an explanation as any other one I can think of to explain the often strange divide among earth-dwelling beings. But it doesn’t help in trying to figure out how to get “comfortable” in your own skin.

If you suspect you are a star being, how do you learn to claim your uniqueness while getting along in the world? For one thing, work for yourself, if possible. Create your own business. That will hold down a lot of clashes. Try to find other star beings to spend time with. Don’t flaunt your differences until you have a secure place in the world. Be kind to the “muggles” of the world. It’s all in the matter of just realizing the differences and having compassion for others. Most of all, it is about learning to be comfortable with being “different.’’

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