Five Ways to Avoid A Travel Hazard

Recently, a client came in covered with entities. I make it a habit to clear first time clients, as I usually discover some attachments first session. Entities can interfere with a clearing, so it is important to find and send them back to the Light. But this client had left my office clean the last time I cleared her. I could suspect a few boogies, but not for her to be weighted down with them.

Inquiry revealed that she had flown to California to visit relatives. They had stayed at a lovely B and B in a rustic setting.  She enjoyed that time and returned feeling refreshed.

However, I was having a bit of a challenge in clearing her. Her body responses revealed that she had entities. (Those pesky critters love to interfere.) I cleared them, and we proceeded without further issues. But it got me thinking about travel.

Travel can be fun and relaxing (or not!), but can also be a hazard as far as collecting entities – those lost souls, tricksters, and other unseen presences that interfere energetically in our lives.  One place they collect in large numbers is in airports due to the large numbers of people and intense emotions found there. People also leave them in hotels, motels, B and Bs and other places that accommodate revolving guests.

How do you travel without concerns about bringing home unwelcome “guests?” I will give you several methods and you can choose whatever is best for you.

  1. Always wear protection while traveling. Sacred oils work, especially frankincense, myrrh, rose, and angelica. Just a tiny dab on a few places on the body is effective.
  2. Rescue Remedy, a Bach Flower homeopathic combo found in health food stores, repels entities, so take a drop under the tongue before leaving and then, if there is a transfer, use it again.
  3. When you arrive at your vacation place, say a prayer in your room, asking your angels to clear and protect both you and the room. Thank them.
  4. Mist the room with Rescue Remedy to remove any residue of pain or shock as well as entities, which will immediately scatter.
  5. Put a tiny dab of sacred oil on your pillows.

I wish you safe, happy travels, and as the Irish say, “Safe Home!”

For more information about protection, go to these previous articles I have written: “Clear the Energies in Your Home” and “Protect Yourself from Entities.”

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