Happiness is Easy

happinessThis month, I’m going to share an easy way to invoke happiness.

Dr. Joe Dispenza, well-known chiropractor and metaphysical teacher, explains that, while we are wired for self-preservation, we are also wired to be kind. Being kind helps to create community, without which humans would not have survived. He states that when we display kindness or compassion towards another, we are genetically wired to feel happy due to the release of the hormone oxytocin.

Oxytocin is produced in our bodies to bond mother to child after birth and also couples during the early stages of intimate and loving relationships. Oxytocin produces emotions that flood our hearts with love and joy.

Research shows that, when oxytocin levels are elevated, most people generally feel love, forgiveness, joy, and empathy. In a study where subjects had oxytocin sprayed into their noses, they also showed greatly reduced fear, anxiety, stress and aggression.

So how can we capitalize on these feelings of happiness? It’s really so simple! Express kindness and compassion to others. It could be a sincere compliment. Even looking for the good in people to find a kind word is helpful. It could be to pick up items that someone has dropped.  It could be making extra soup when you are cooking dinner and taking some of it to an elderly, sick or overwhelmed person.

Last summer, I noticed a homeless man sitting in the heat, sweating, blistering, and miserable. When I went into the nearby convenience store, I bought him a large, ice-filled Dr. Pepper and handed it to him at the red light. He lit up like a Christmas tree. I can tell you that the gratitude and pleasure on his face made me happy all day.

Do at least one kind thing a day for 3 weeks and see if your level of happiness rises. If you miss a day, do two the next day. It can be useful to make a kindness journal. Track your acts, and also rate your happiness level from 1-10.

I hope you will share your success stories with me.

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