Use World Chaos for your Benefit

Mystics, astrologers, and psychics explain that we are in an unusual time calling for intense transformation and a falling of the old that no longer works so that the new can emerge. What is familiar and knowable must be discarded for our vision and dreams of the future to manifest. Our past is rising up to be healed. This intense time will last about another year.

Here I was, thinking the problem was just with our government officials. Seems there is much more going on. So now that you know, what measures do you need to assist your own transformation and, at the same time protect yourself from all the chaos?

First of all, stay aware of the fact that we as individuals, we as families and we as nations are all currently struggling with something, either consciously or unconsciously. That knowledge helps me summon my compassion for others when I am feeling uncharitable.

Second, hold fast to your dreams. We are in a good place to manifest them even with all the chaos going on. Write down your visions and dreams. Think about them often.

Third, stay aware that our past is coming up (in another form) to help us heal those old wounds. When something or someone in our path becomes obnoxious, painful, and/or unacceptable, the most power is found when we take time to recognize how this resonates with some unpleasant part of our past. We can create time to work on all of that. I know – who wants to work on healing old wounds? However, I believe it to be an excellent opportunity for not having to deal with it later in this lifetime or the next.

Fourth, take action. I have many articles regarding self-help and self-healing on my website. When you go to Articles on the front page, go to the EFT section and click on Self Love. That will help you as you work through the old issues. I also have other self-help articles such as Are You Habituated to Overwhelm?  EFT on Depression, and Tapping on the Distress of Violence . In case you need a refresher course on how to tap for yourself here: Emotional Freedom Technique Instructions.

There is also a section on Feeling Good such as: A Morning Thought . Five Ways to Ditch Negative Thoughts  can be useful in this climate of intense emotions.

You might want to find out if you are an empath, which most of my clients are. Read Are You an Empath?  to learn how to protect yourself from absorbing all the unhappy thoughts and feelings of others swirling about.

Finally, there is a whole section of my articles under Transformation that I think you will find helpful.

This time period is a wake-up call for us all. Transformation is not easy or comfortable. But it is our major call for healing action. Please call 512-444-9777 or email for your appointment if you would like help in navigating these intense times.

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